Welcome to the "Member Products" section of Caferacer.net. The first and only rule for posting a product that you manufacture here is you MUST BE A MEMBER! What does that mean.....i'm really glad you asked. See that little number under your screen name? That is your post count, if it has a #1 through a #10....it is probably premature for you to post here and your "product thread" will get nuked by me. Don't like it, tough shit! Buy a banner ad here from the Mgmt, or your crap on ebay. The bandwidth of this site isn't to promote your budding basement/garage global conglomerate, it is to foster a community for the preservation and campaigning (racing) of vintage motorcycles....whether that be a caferacer, bobber, ratbike, or concours restoration and or builds.

In summary.....welcome to the site. Introduce yourself, fill out your bio/profile, contribute to the forums, relax, hang out, and enjoy yourself. After a while you can post your products on this section and make oodles of money from the rest of the suckers here.