I had a old CT110 (in Australia they are known as postie bike - because the mailmen ride them).

I am a member of a bike forum called Bikeme (http://www.bikeme.tv) and I suggested that as a collective, we 'do it up'. with members all over Australia being sent pieces to work on and then 4 months later meet in Sydney for a weekend and re-assemble.
The following is the result.

It started as as thus.

and this is the result - not quite finished, it has donor forks and shocks as ours were not quite finished. The wiring needs to be tidied up and put away and we want to fabricate a new exhaust pipe.

the switch blocks are gold plated with skulls as buttons

The nitro kit was built by one of the Bikeme members and the cartridges are kept in their magazine with a magnetic base.

It goes great as well

although the 'suicide shift' takes some getting used to.