Aermacchi/Harley Davidson Sprint 350cc Vintage Road Racer

After building, racing, and winning six national championships on 350cc Aermacchis, scoring victories with every vintage club in America and Canada, Giannini Racing is offering this race ready example for sale.

Built from the frame up with all new parts, this classic vintage Aermacchi road racer represents some of the finest workmanship in the country.

Paint and unnecessary parts stripped, lightened, reinforcement and modification welding, fitted with new bushings and tapered steering head bearings, painted with black epoxy enamel.
Front wheel is a 200mm lightened and modified twin leading shoe brake fitted with new Ferodo linings, new springs and new bearings, laced to a flanged aluminum rim with new steel spokes and an Avon racing tire.
Rear wheel is a classic Aermacchi 180mm hub modified, lightened and fitted with racing shoes and new bearings,
also laced to a flanged aluminum rim with steel spokes and an Avon racing tire.
Cerianni 30mm forks with new seals and progressive springs mounted in hand crafted, billet aluminum triple trees with tapered bearings.
Rear suspension has a re-bushed, factory racing swing arm supported with vintage dual action, adjustable shocks.
Internals completely rebuilt with new bearings on the crank, connecting rod, transmission, and camshaft.
New Aries high compression racing piston has been fitted into a re-bored cylinder and fitted with racing rings. Racing cam with longer duration and higher lift, working with lighter lifters and reground valves and seats fitted with R&D valve springs.
New dry clutch drives a 4-speed transmission with new sprockets and a 530 special Regina racing chain.
A Dellorto vintage square slide carburetor with air stack and factory manifold has been fitted to a matched, ported head with a new cable and Domino twist throttle controlling the fuel delivery.
A specially fitted PVL, variable advance, self generating ignition supplies the spark with a kill switch mounted to the clip on handlebars.
All foot pegs, shifting and braking components are hand crafted from 6061 aluminum.
Fiberglass tank, seat, and fender handcrafted by Tannermatic.
Not shown in Photo:
Tachometer - cable driven from the crank
Steering damper - 7-position hydraulic type

This beautiful Aermacchi vintage racer is ready to add oil, racing fuel and go out and have a blast on the race course.

For questions about the Aermacchi/ Harley Sprint Racer call Frank Giannini at 973-378-8095 or email [email protected]

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