1977 Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer built on Discovery TV show

1977 Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer built on Discovery TV show

This is a discussion on 1977 Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer built on Discovery TV show within the Bikes For Sale forums, part of the Classifieds category; Bike is currently on Ebay Yamaha Other | eBay Item # 190945433749 Contact info is 832-216-1058 Here is the listing from Lossa Engineering Cafe Racer ...

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    1977 Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer built on Discovery TV show

    Bike is currently on Ebay

    Item # 190945433749

    Contact info is 832-216-1058
    Here is the listing from Lossa Engineering

    Cafe Racer TV approached us for season 2 and asked if we would team up with Yoshi from Garage Company for a build together. Of course I couldn’t pass up working with him on a build. I supplied the RD400 rolling chassis and Yoshi supplied the RD350 motor and we never really discussed how we were going to build the bike after then. I did all the frame fab and bodywork and mocked up the bike then handed it off to him to put the front end on, build the motor and one off exhaust system. Then we got it back and I laid out the paint design and sprayed it and did the upholstery. After everything was done we met up at Willow Springs raceway to do the test ride with Eric and Ben Bostrom. They loved the way the bike was set up and handled around the small Horse Thief Mile coarse. Bike is currently register and titled, ready to rock! Own a piece of history!!

    Check out the Cafe Racer TV episodes of the build:

    episode 14

    episode 15

    episode 16

    Videos are also embedded at the bottom of this auction.

    Lossa Engineering Specs:

    frame de tabbed, braced and hooped
    relocated battery and wired from scratch
    stretched Daytona gas tank 2 1/2″ and lowered 1″ on back bone with custom Monza cap
    used Sr500 gas tank to make custom tail section
    Custom black leather pleated seat
    supplied Custom aluminum swing arm, Hagon Racing shocks, steering stabilizer
    Custom House of Kolor black gold paint with pearl yellow & white graphics

    Garage Company Specs:

    Re-built complete RD350 motor with all new parts
    Mikuni carbs
    Supplied rare Yamaha TZ top triple and race fender
    flanged hoops laced with stainless spokes to Yamaha front hub & Honda rear hub
    Hand built complete exhaust from flat metal, hand rolled and tig welded everything
    Supplied rearsets, Yamaha front end, race tires, all controls

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    This was one of the few episodes I watched. Pretty wack you guys didn't even try to tune it before tossing it on that track.

    Thing ran like ass. Did you guys ever FINISH it?

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    We really should have a minimum post requirement before posting something for sale....or can we just call this shameless spam?

    is that chain block zip tied to the swingarm? Don't you think the chain will break that?
    orange peel showing up in the pictures.

    but really it's just a case of " haters gunna hate"
    yoshi was great, don't know why he would want to be on the show though.
    atleast this bike ran....the t500 never did.
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    where is the taillight?
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    where are the air filters or something...?
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    that poor little bike....

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    They look like they took the air filters off for the "showcase" photos. In some of the other pics you can the the pods.

    No rubber on the kicker? Have you ever tried to kick start a motorcycle that was even slightly damp? I have the busted shins to prove you need some rubber.

    Can you even call it an RD400 if it has an R5 motor? (they updated the info in the Ebay ad saying its not an RD engine)
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    Wow guys really? I don't go on many forums because of reasons like this.. all you guys just hatted on the bike and the builder.. Really? is that what you do all day, find something and bash it..SMH..
    I'm sure I can walk up to a Ferrari and find a issues but do I own one? NO, are they nice? YES. Where do I have any room to talk shit and where do you. Honestly.... I don't even know what to say..

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    well it is cool LOOKING but not a streetable bike , just something for to hang on the wall
    no tailight no kicker rubber jeez details do make a diff...bro... what happened did somebody run out of adderall ??
    LOL who is the clown sitting on it ? ,hahahahaha cartoon colored arms locked straight in some kind of fetish-shized mma pose
    Last edited by XB33BSA; 10-29-2013 at 01:29 PM.

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    Wow now this jack ass wants to talk about how to sit on the bike... do you not have anything better to do?
    here you go... are these poses any better.... I have raced for over 12 years. I think I know how to sit on a bike.. also not street able, ohhhh pore thing, the kick start doesn't have a piece of rubber and I guess you guys don't know how to work on bikes because its very easy to add a tail light, which come with the bike

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