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Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better

This is a discussion on Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better within the Craigslist/Ebay forums, part of the Forums category; what a gigantic piece of shit....

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Thread: Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better

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    what a gigantic piece of shit.

    not a pretty boy honda rider... i\'m fag on a TTR

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    Can someone tell me what this steampunk thing is about? I've heard of it, but I have no idea what it means.

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    quote:Originally posted by steve barker

    Can someone tell me what this steampunk thing is about? I've heard of it, but I have no idea what it means.
    It's basically full-time LARPers ( ) that pretend they come from a parallel universe where electricity (to a lesser degree) and combustion engines (to a great degree) did not catch on, and steam power continued on as the primary power sources.

    Aesthetically, it's a mix between Pirate couture, WWI military gear, steam train engineers, Victorian, and some 40's styles.

    Some of the girls fashions really are quite fetching. How to buy a used bike How to build a cafe racer

    It's like a Machiavellian 4-volume trilogy based on Hamlet senza misura with an ego-maniacal downs syndrome kid reading from a Rube Goldeberg-esque kindle.

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    quote:Originally posted by steve barker

    Can someone tell me what this steampunk thing is about? I've heard of it, but I have no idea what it means.
    steampunk is a genre of sci-fi that is basically what if the victorian steam age continued into the future instead of giving way to the gasoline age. Steampunk style is victorian brass era styling applied to things that are more advanced than the victorian era. A lot of it traces it roots directly back to Jules Verne, esp 20,000 leagues and the Time Machine.

    look around this site and you will get a feel for it:

    Some popular films that use the style are:

    City of lost children
    Wild Wild West
    The League of Extrodinary Gentleman
    That new Sherlock Holmes Movie with RD jr.
    The Prestige
    That God Awful Hugh Jackass Van Helsing movie

    you get the idea.

    Steampunk in machines usually mimics the mfg styles of the day, which is liberal use of brass or copper for decoration, rivets instead of welding, hammer marks in sheetmetal, lots of gears, or intricate mechanical devices to do what modern electronics do easily, etc. A combination of high industrial and crude.

    Things don't have to be steam powered to be "steampunk" either, they just have to look like a victorian version of the thing that they are. To this end a vincent Rapide B is a very steampunk motorcycle without doing a thing just because of its overly complicated unconventional mechanical look and its small mechanical details.

    however, that seat in the ebay ad just looks sloppy and ugly. Even if the pattern is not symetrical, the shape should at least be. And if it is not the shape should at least be visually interesting. That seat just looks like someone rolled a bad joint out of metal and rivets.
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    the original tv show wild wild west was awesome!

    man i miss that show....and being 12, and stealing countless frozen milky way mini bars out of my grandmothers freezer.

    casey and i were out for mexican a few months ago and a gal sitting across from us had one of these was hard to pay attention to whatever casey said to me....or i to her. we tried to steal a cell pix before we left but it didn't come out so well (too flash). this hat is steampunk.

    steampunk can be cool if it doesn't consume you as a way of life.

    i always like homeboy from chicago who had the CB450 honda cafe (he's the guy that advertises for the tonup stuff on here)...i always liked his copper fittings on the end of his headers. it gave a neat contrast to the header wrap.

    advocate for the injured, disabled, and urinated upon.

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    iphone generated fag

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    Oh my....reminds me of something, cant think what right now....
    \"I came to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and Im all outta gum.\"

    73 CL350

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    quote:Originally posted by catboy

    technicolor yawn:

    WOW!! I would ride that bike wearing 1980's workout gear and a fanny pac. That would be awesome!
    Did you hear about the pirate with two wooden legs?

    They caught fire and burned his ass to the ground!

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    I just want to let you know that there are lots of good drugs available in Minneapolis, apparently. Unless this guy took them all.

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    i like that..."it has been a pleasure to own as a collectible" "i couldnt get it running so i let it sit in my shed..."
    ask me about my ADD or pie or my cat. a dog. i have a bike. Do you like TV? i saw a rock. hi.

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