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Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better

This is a discussion on Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better within the Craigslist/Ebay forums, part of the Forums category; ha ha - "Im not a bad guy" you just speed, evade police, burn trees....hey wait a minute....maybe your not a bad guy. Just a ...

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Thread: Making fun of CL ads makes me feel better

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    ha ha -

    "Im not a bad guy" you just speed, evade police, burn trees....hey wait a minute....maybe your not a bad guy. Just a dumbass.

    What would have been a speeding ticket and a misdemeanor possession charge is now a whole raft of shit. Hope your mother feels better.
    \"I came to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and Im all outta gum.\"

    73 CL350

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    CB750, 130HP, $9K. With pods.

    EDIT: copying the ad here for posterity:


    for sale is a 1975 cb750 it has a 836 big bore kit,web cam, dyna coils & ignition ,8mm taylor plug wires, mac 4 into 1 header, k&n filters, rebuilt carbs, motor was built from buttom up all new parts in side it dyno 130hp to rear wheel , tarozzi rear sets, custom tank, custom tail section , bucanon spokes, progressive suspension front & rear , new brakes front & rear, all new cable, new battery, new chain and sprokets to much to list call for details XXX-XXX-XXXX asking $9000 obo no bullshit offers i have over $7000 just in parts not counting what i payed for the bike it is very fast and i mean very fast will consider trade for fox boby mustang of equal value or less value if u have cash difference my name is don

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    that thing is tits. his name is don.

    advocate for the injured, disabled, and urinated upon.

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    , , Mongolia.
    "his name is don"

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    Palmyra, NY, USA.
    130hp at the rear wheel off a dyno....sure I believe it...must be those pods and mac exhaust
    Bob - Palmyra NY
    2 - 69 CB750, 1 Turbo
    1 - 71 CB750

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    Boise, ID USA Earth
    Unrelated to motorcycle craigslist postings but still cracks me up. The now famous cinder blocks post:

    "I have approximately 275 to 300 cinder blocks for sale. They are standard
    8"x8"x16". They cost about $1.75 plus delivery fees if you buy them
    somewhere else. I'm asking $1.00 per block.

    You pick them up and move them yourself.

    Please don't waste my fucking time with endless emails. These are plain old
    cinderblocks, for fuck sake. You don't need to do an engineering study on
    the feasibility of using these fucking things as building material. That's
    what they're for, you fucking idiots. Now listen, we're all busy people
    here. You want the blocks? Come get the fucking blocks and give me one
    dollar for every block you take. How fucking hard is that? You don't have to
    tell me what you're building. I don't give a fuck. I'm not interested in
    helping you build it either. Why? Because I don't give a fuck. I just want
    to get these fucking things off my property. So if you want them, get the
    fuck over here with some money and take them. The next fucking moron that
    emails me with "I'm building a blah blah blah, and was wondering if..." The
    answer is NO. Come get the fucking blocks and build it yourself. If I knew
    how to do masonry, don't you think I'd be using the blocks myself instead of
    selling them for half fucking price? What the fuck is wrong with you people?
    The next one of you fucking jackasses that emails me with some sob-story
    bullshit is getting his email address added to the North American Man/Boy
    Love Association mailing list.

    You want the blocks? Come get the blocks, and don't fuck with me!"

    I love the NAMBLA threat at the end.

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    Member twinsarehot's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Burlington, VT, USA.

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    Senior Member YucA's Avatar
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    Miami, FL, USA.

    This thing has been for sale for about a year or more. It looks clean, but 10g's for a triple!?!?!??

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    Feb 2009
    Burlington, VT, USA.

    This has been for sale for AGES. He even lowered the price for his parts bike.

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    Senior Member kerosene's Avatar
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    no price but "not a $2000 bike

    and response

    (Serious inquiries only please, this is not a $2,000 bike)

    Custom work:
    -Aluminum seat with dense foam that is surprisingly comfortable
    -Raw metal tank and hand-made tail section (Not a generic "plasticafe" fiberglass bolt on)
    -Battery relocation table and LED brake lights, reduced handlebar controls and gauge removal for very stripped down / minimalist look, headlight switch mounted into the bucket. We probably carved a good 30 lbs off this bike from stock (which is huge considering they only weigh 370-ish lbs to begin with) so it handles extremely well.

    Mechanical Rundown:
    -Both carburetors disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt with new K & L kits
    -MUCH faster than stock with aggressively re-jetted carburetors, pod filters and commando style performance exhaust. I've had this bike screaming well over 100 mph and it's very fast off the line
    -New Kenda Challenger tires front and rear
    -New downsized battery, new rectifier, all new wiring throughout the entire bike
    -New chain
    -New throttle and clutch cables
    -Rebuilt brake caliper & steel braided brake line
    -New petcock fuel valve, fuel lines and fuel filters
    -New oil, oil filter, spark plugs and plug boots
    -New ignition points and condenser
    -Ignition timing freshly calibrated, engine has undergone full intake / exhaust valve adjustment back to correct factory clearance

    Let me explain to all of you out there that might get suckered into spending more money on this bike than it is worth.
    Pay close attn to this guys speal.
    First off he has done a few common but nice things to the bike but his work does not justify the price, he says (Serious inquiries only please, this is not a $2,000 bike) He's right its a 1500 bike if it runs good (should start and idle with no problems)
    Second he brags it up (MUCH faster than stock with aggressively re-jetted carburetors, pod filters and commando style performance exhaust. I've had this bike screaming well over 100 mph) I build 350 race motors and it would take much more than some agressive jetting and pipes to make this thing even get close to 100mph, they are 325cc bikes, He still has the stock carbs, in order to get a CL or CB350 to perform like he says you would need to bore out the cylinders, install a big cam, and a port and polished head by a reputable machinist and at least 32mm mikuni's not to mention an electronic ignition system, and to begin all that you would need to make a lot of mods to the engine just make this shit fit.
    3rd he has proved in the title of his ad that he is to cheap to even paint the damn thing, he has also retained stock footpegs instead of rearsets WTF?
    And last but not least he mentions nothing about a title or registration, (Dont fall for off the books crap) you will go through months of bullshit just to register before you ever ride it legally.
    This is a 1500.00 bike (and thats if he has clear title in hand) which would be fair as he has done a couple nice things to it but he hasent done anything that any run of the mill mechanic reading from a book couldnt do.
    Dont get caught up in this guys lies, I see way to many people get suckered into buying shit like this for way to much money and a lot of the time they get stuck sitting at home cause the shit dosent run right.
    This has been a craigslist public service announcement.

    re-response by original poster:
    you're a fucking moron. non-running cb350 project bikes go for 1000- $1500 all day long.

    Even if all the labor was done FOR FREE on this bike, there is still over $1200 in parts / tires / engine / carb work alone. Not to mention the absurd amount of time and effort put into making / road testing / perfecting it. And it does have a clear title and it's even registered, so what the fuck are you running your mouth about?

    and I'm sure your race motors are only $200, right?

    I hope it works a lot better than your brain, which is apparently running on only one cylinder- how big of a scene do you think this is? You think there's a ton of CB350 race motor-builders out there and I won't be able to figure out who you are? I know who you are, and we know all the same people. You think this kind of shit is not going to get back at you and you'll stay anonymous? What's wrong with you?


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