looking for opinions on jackets

looking for opinions on jackets

This is a discussion on looking for opinions on jackets within the Gear forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; hey everyone I am looking for what will be my first motorcycle only jacket and wanted to get some opinions on what might be some ...

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Thread: looking for opinions on jackets

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    looking for opinions on jackets

    hey everyone

    I am looking for what will be my first motorcycle only jacket and wanted to get some opinions on what might be some good options - I did look a little at some of the nylon/material jackets that have the d30 armor and a few of the joe rocket leather jackets - I am not committed to any particular brand
    I am not sure which to go with and it is an investment - money wise and safety wise -so I thought I would turn to those I trust with more knowledge and experience than I -

    any thoughts?



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    I stay away from Joe Rocket and Icon. They tend to have issues with unraveling. Alpine Stars, Dianese, Even Teknik are decent. I have one textile jacket that I wear when n my cruiser, but usually I ride in full leathers....most of my riding is aggressive canyon riding, or track.
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    I'm sure there are great brands out there but I use Dainese. I also have an Alpinestars and that's fine as well.

    I stay away from the flashy colors only because I will keep a good jacket way longer than I keep my bikes. Black blends with everything.

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    Cortex Tour Master guy myself and wife. We like the 3 jackets in one so you n peel off layer as the season gets hotter and put it on at night or in fall
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    I have all types but personally I like my leather jackets best. I don't want to sound too hipster but I really like my Buffalo type leather. For what ever reason I feel less wind resistance on that type of jacket than my other ones. I've wondered if it the folded over leather that makes it less resistance to wind. In actuality - most folks have several different jackets - depending on the weather and distance your going to ride. I'll give you one tip -buying used is much cheaper than buying new.
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    I've spent loads of money on Belstaff, Dainese, etc over the years. Bought this cordura jacket on ebay a few weeks ago. At £45 it's a bargain.
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    thanks everyone - I will probably try to find one that can go through at leas a few weather conditions - I am guessing something with a zip out lining - but material has been the biggest question so far

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    Leather jackets don't really handle the rain like a textile jacket can IMO. I've got a vented textile jacket for summer, and a lined textile fully sealed jacket for winter. The winter jacket is awesome in the wet, but of course, it can get hot when it's warm out.

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    I like leather, and am thinking of treating myself to a Brooks or Vanson jacket this year in Italian colors to go with my Guzzi. I like the protection from leather, though textile may actually be better. Jamie at Brooks said he could do a custom job for pretty short money.

    One thing to watch for is that there is a flap either behind or in front of the main zipper--lots of cold air can blast thru a zipper. I love my cheap Paki leather DUCATI jacket, which has earned its scars, but there isn't one of the flaps I mentioned so it is pretty drafty when the temp is below 70--have sometimes stuck a piece of card board or a fat newspaper in it to keep warm.

    For rain I have a Tourmaster rain jacket. That thing is absolutely wonderful. Absolutely.

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    I'm on a very meager budget. I've accumulated three Fieldsheer sets for on-road riding. One ballistic nylon with pants that zip to the jacket for over 70degrees. One shorty cordura with zip in pants for 50-70degrees. And one full-length cordura jacket with zip in pants for 30-50degrees. All three come with removable liners, jackets and pants. The cordura are water resistant. Each pant cost about $85-100. Each jacket about $120-175.

    I've owned the oldest set for about 10 years. I went down at 30mph and the shorty coudura stopped everything except bruised ribs. It has a few tears that can be repaired. I've had no problems with any seams or zippers.

    On the track I wear Vanson.
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