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Arai Corsair V Thoughts

This is a discussion on Arai Corsair V Thoughts within the Gear forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by ViralVendetta Right on. I will look at the AVG K3 SV lids again then. Love the Rossi graphics anyway. I just bought ...

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Thread: Arai Corsair V Thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViralVendetta View Post
    Right on. I will look at the AVG K3 SV lids again then. Love the Rossi graphics anyway.
    I just bought one of these for track days. I was surprised when it showed up, it's pretty nice for $175 new (closeout price). Not as nice as a Shoei GT Air but at about 1/3 the cost... I was worried it would feel heavy compared to the Shoei but it's surprisingly light.

    Sportbike Track Gear has a bunch of stuff on closeout right now. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather buy a cheapish new helmet than a used helmet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViralVendetta View Post
    All I have ever heard about Arai is they are very good helmets but pricey. What are your thoughts on the Arai vs $200 range new helmets?
    Chances are you will never use what the helmet was intended save your life in the event of an accident. What you will use it for is hours and hours of riding comfort and for that alone there is no other choice than a my opinion. And the difference between a $200 helmet and a $600 helmet is not as cost prohibitive as say a $20000 truck to a $60000's just a little more saving money.

    These helmets for me and my wife cost about half as much as the bike. I ride with $25000 goldwing guys and they wear cheapo HJCs....go figure.

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    If we are talking about "long distance comfort", then I recommend any carbon fiber helmet that is Snell or ECE rated. I bought dad an HJC AC-12 carbon when they first came out and used to borrow it all the time because it was just so freaking light. Really took all the fatigue out of holding your head up because it was easily half as light if not more than any other helmet I have worn. I liked it so much I bought one which promptly got stolen off my bike and I didn't replace it because at the time it was a $300 helmet (now it is $400).

    Seriously, if you get the chance go try on a carbon fiber helmet. You won't believe how much lighter it is, how much faster you can turn your head, and how much less your neck hurts holding your head up on a sport bike.
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    Cheap helmets can be OK - I've had a HJC and a Shark in the recent past and they were pretty good.

    The main thing is they have to FIT PROPERLY first of all. Some Shoei's just simply don't fit my head, so they are out of the equation when I go shopping.

    Which leads to the fact that you need to go to a shop or two and try a bunch on. You cant do this stuff on-line.

    Pretty much all helmets nowadays have removable linings but for the reasons stated above I would steer clear of 2nd hand ones.

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    User test report.

    I've had 3 Arai Corsair helmets.

    Crash 1 - At about 120mph at Prenois Pouas Curve, down and out. Ripped the visor off and cracked the helmet right through the chin guard which hit a track kerb whilst sliding face down, I was already out cold after the high side. Still here, a little crazier though.

    Crash 2 - At about 60mph at Spa Malmady Corner, lost the bike on entry and wore a flat on the helmet about 4" round and through the casing, I got tangled and pinned by the bike.

    Crash 3 - Not happened yet, but I bought another Corsair.

    As someone said you've only got one head.

    Foot note - I will never sell a helmet either crashed or straight, I always cut the chins straps out and remove the lining and then into the bin they go.
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