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This is a discussion on cool shirt within the General forums, part of the Forums category; anyone want to try and ID the machine in profile?

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    cool shirt

    anyone want to try and ID the machine in profile?

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    aermacchi ala doro with a gardner carb.....downdraft intake.

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    Nice try Texy, but I don't think the Ala D' Oro ever came with girder forks. I am going to guess Moto Guzzi Dondalino or Falcone.

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    The frame and forks actually look like a Sunbeam, but definitely not with that little motor and the tank shape isn't correct for a Sunnie.

    I've never seen a Guzzi or other Italian make with the down draft intake, even the little 48cc guys are all setup "standard" as it were. I don't believe any BSA's, Triumphs, or Norton's used that config either. Sure as shit 'aint a Japanese or American bike.

    Maybe something German like a 40's DKW?

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    the birds offer a clue.
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    I think it is an early Guzzi.

    I have a '61 aermacchi sprint and while similar, the motors are different. The macchi motor has the cylinder slightly pointed up, like an early honda single 50 0r 90cc pushrod. All macchis had swing arm suspension. They started building bikes in the early 50's so the technology is way ahead of the bike shown.

    Yeah, I think it is a guzzi 250cc grand prix bike. I recall seeing that shot, not in silloutte, somewhere.

    Parks, I like your clue, Falcone, Airone, Italian for starling, etc.....all up in the air.

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    It is a later version of this bike

    Parks, I could not find a Moto Guzzi Gabbiano via google. What kind of birds do you think they are?

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