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This is a discussion on my first bike within the General forums, part of the Forums category; This 550 performance web sit is very good. I have been in the stages of useing the 1978 650 head in my 550. I cc'd ...

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Thread: my first bike

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    This 550 performance web sit is very good. I have been in the stages of useing the 1978 650 head in my 550. I cc'd the cumbustion chamber and it is a cool 27 cc's. But like he said the studs will not work they will have to be made. I am making my own and heat treating them. I am so excited for the race season next year. My 500 last year"The Test Mule" will look like it was from the Screaming 50's I learned so much from that motor, and all of you who saw me race last season, it wasnt the motor that gave me problems.....

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    pb, they are for stock 350 honda tubes, so 33mm. i have the clamps from proflo, i want the bars though for race spares. the bars they sell for 20 bucks i think??? or maybe its 10. i dont remember. i used them for one season. if you want em, i'd work out a trade for some parts im looking for if you have em. they are the ones almost everyone uses. they are 2 piece, and bolt together around the tubes, so no pulling the top clamp or dropping the tubes.


    I can make those work,(once I open them up a little bit, and it's just a stock size tubing for the bars themselves. What are you looking for in the way of parts?

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    pete, to open them up, you'll have to machine them. they are thick. do you know what im talking about? you can see em at im pretty sure youve seen em. they take a standard size bar tube. (7/8??) steel is the best. the aluminum ones look nice but suck for track use since they bend so easily. what are you going to use them on?? got any 750 front wheel/brake parts i can use for my street fighter? either that or im on a search for v30 v45 v65 tachs. if you give me your adress, i'll mail em up to you.


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