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ultrasonic cleaning before and afters.

This is a discussion on ultrasonic cleaning before and afters. within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; corey what liquid are you using in the tank? parts should come up a whole lot better than that. take a look at my friends ...

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    corey what liquid are you using in the tank? parts should come up a whole lot better than that.
    take a look at my friends website,i know he uses all the proper fluids..he does vapour and ultra.
    hes a good guy and would be happy to talk if you want.
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    Here is my two cents:

    When they came off the bike, they were two muddy filthy oily gas stankin pigs. So I figured that I should at least blast the outers with some cleaner and scrub the crusties before I boxed and shipped them. If I didn't, the fumes from the crud stuck to them would have set off UPS's vapor detectors and my shipment would have been rejected. So externally, yes they could have been dirtier to start.

    But I think they look (and hopefully operate) a hell of a lot better than when they got to my garage.

    Thanks Corey!
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    those last pics (on the green self healing cutting board) look dynamite! do you have a "before" of those carbs?

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    Corey, if you doctored hydroseal and possibly added more lye than necessary

    Add water

    The acetone will evaporate away and quickly.

    The very caustic stuff I save for wickedly plugged jets or to quickly find out if a cancer patient is terminal

    You'll see them soon enough as not all of them will just be with easily squirted away varnish.

    It's easy enough to see that the ones you did showed early stages of the death chalk and were already externally stained.
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    texmawby those are the same carb as the first post.

    unfortunately, i have no pre pics in natural light on the self healing mat.

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