I HATE Working on Cars

I HATE Working on Cars

This is a discussion on I HATE Working on Cars within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; On the way back from Summit the alternator in my Astro decided it was time to meet it's maker. I managed to get home and ...

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    I HATE Working on Cars

    On the way back from Summit the alternator in my Astro decided it was time to meet it's maker. I managed to get home and figured, no big deal, $100 and a half hour max, I'd be good to go.

    Well....the first two bolts came out in 60 seconds and the third one took 3 hours to get out. Not only was the 10mm bolt frozen but there's absolutely no way to get any leverage on it. Can't get at it from the front. Can't get at it through the dog house. I ended up soaking it with Liquid Wrench and beating on a little box-end wrench with a 1/2" ratchet to get it loose.

    New alternator went on in less than 5 minutes.

    The next time I think my job sucks I'll remember it could be worse, I could be a car mechanic.

    I HATE working on cars.

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    me too. thing is my first Astro-alternator prob was that the entire bracket (w/pully) broke off. so i went to the scrap yard and replaced it easy peasy. 2nd bracket broke in less than 50K...back to the junkyard. finally it took a third bracket and a new alternator to find that the alternator that came with the truck didn't have the rear mount, so over time, the belt just jerked it forward enough times to pull the bracket apart. wasn't till the alternator itself took a dive that i found the rear mount. so i guess someone else didn't like the rear mount any more than you do.

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    I just purchased my first brand new car cause of this. Working on my bikes is one thing cause I could just put them back in the garage and deal with them another day. Though when it's your main form of transportation it's another story and you have to fix it. That's when it becomes a pain and a pure hatred of working on them. I finally said fuck it as my Volvo 850 just wouldn't give up on giving me problems. The thing had electrical problems galore. So I charged up the battery so when they started it up, it would actually start for the time being. Haha sucka! Off to Kia after my taxes came in never missed it since.
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