Fuel tank modification pic.

Fuel tank modification pic.

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    Fuel tank modification pic.

    Form before function, I always say.


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    Looks good. Kind of like frankenstien. Like you would tell him he looks good.
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    is it bad form to buy the bike, but only ask to ship the essentials ?

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    This guy is a bit confused if he though registering a 75 CB360 with a 72 CB350 title was going to be an easier solution than getting the 360 titled. Unless he kept the vin plate from the 350. In which case I think putting the vin on a different bike is a major offense. He'd be better off just riding a bike with no plate and getting a ticket for having an unregistered bike
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    +1. In MI, titling a bike requires inspection by State Police, and woe be to the man (or woman) in possession of stolen property when they run that VIN (ask me how I know).

    Too bad there's no title, or I'd go after it meself. Looks like it would be easy to make a few quid on it, if it indeed runs as well as he says. As I told cafe350 in his interchangeable parts thread, these things seem to be gaining value. He's gonna be in Toledo, very near to me. If anyone wants, Judey might be able to fetch & store it for a while.
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    quote:Originally posted by Judeyramone
    and woe be to the man (or woman) in possession of stolen property when they run that VIN (ask me how I know).
    ^ How do you know?
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    Funny thing Judey -this is one of the 360's that piqued my interest. In the auction the owner stated that he could deliver to Ohio and at the time bidding was under $150. We even exchanged a couple of emails. But that title situation was a deal breaker, and 34mm Mikunis? I don't know a lot, but without a "built" motor I'm thinking that's a jetting nightmare...
    I know that I was talked out of 32mm's for my 350 by people in the know...
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    That bike has motorcycle herpes.
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    34's seem awful big to me.
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