1979 Suzuki GS750E

1979 Suzuki GS750E

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    1979 Suzuki GS750E

    Opinions? Known issues, motor or otherwise?

    I've never ridden one.

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    I had an '81 back in school as my first bike. Probably should have chosen something smaller and lighter to start with, but it did have crash bars mounted that came in handy. It was smooth on the highway and kept pace with my buddies' newer CBRs on our weekend rides. Pretty much bulletproof except for the charging systems. There was a company called Electrex who made a better regulator/rectifier for it. It survived a few years of college-student (lack of) maintenance and was running fine when I sold it.

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    My buddy just got a 78 750. Rode fine for three days then stopped running. LAter found out that It was due to a failed coil. Electrical systems on these bikes seem to be the faultiest part of the bike. Engines are bullet proof from what I've heard.

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    I commute everyday into nyc on a 77, basically the same bike.

    If well cared for flawless and fast, if not well.....
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    nice bikes, strong engines, can be noisy at top end if not looked after but otherwise yeah cracking bike..
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    I have a '78. I'm surprised how much I like the bike. Has somewhat vintage styling with a lot of modern niceties (good brakes, handles well, doesn't take a ritual sacrifice to start, quite fast).

    I will say its heavy as hell.

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    Great bikes. Put a Dyna in it and forget about ignition problems.

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    OK. I looked at it tonight. Told him I'd think about it.

    The good:
    Clear title.
    Pretty low miles (~19,000)
    Ignition coils and wires are new.
    It runs (took it around the block).
    It's cheap (asking $1200 but already said he'll take $900. I'll probably offer $750, and I won't pay more than $800).
    It has a pretty nice V&H 4-1 exhaust (a little banged up, though).
    Brakes work.
    Lights all work.
    Forks not leaking.

    The bad:
    Electric starter is broken.
    Speedometer is not working (he has a new gear and says that's the problem. I'm not convinced).
    Seat has a tear.
    Needs a new front tire.
    Doesn't idle properly and starting is a Pain because of carburetor troubles.
    Surface rust on all the chrome, some on the frame, and nuts and bolts, too.
    Has stupid decals (removable).
    Has stupid aftermarket turn signals.
    He has ridden it for 2 or 3 years and hasn't ever adjusted the valves (maybe you don't need to?).
    Kind of just all-around a little rough looking).

    I just don't know if I want this thing. Geeto, what kind of mods would you recommend? The front end seems too high, and the instrument cluster is like spaghetti. All I can think to do is a little clean up, drag bars, and maybe a quarter fairing.

    It might clean up real nice, then again it might not. I might end up loving it, but I might not. I'm only buying one bike at the moment, and it might as well be the one I really want. I was looking for an SR500, and this is certainly not that. I had a CM400, and this is a lot heavier. Don't know how I feel about the weight. There aren't any decent SRs in my budget near here...or probably anywhere. There's a sweet old T120 Bonneville for $6,000.

    Also, the owner mentioned something about "computerized balancing" which I think he made up. Anybody have an opinion on that? The bars pull into the turn in a way I have not experienced before, maybe that's what he's talking about?

    It seems like a pretty complicated, chunky beast.

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    Valve clearance is only 0.001"~0.003", if the exhausts get tight the valves can burn.
    Tight valves also make it hard to start but runs fine when hot (head expands more than valve stem so 'moves' cam)
    It's a really simple adjustment though as it's shim over bucket (don't need to remove cams)
    Generators can overheat and burn out if you try and charge a 'dead' battery by running bike.
    Starter clutch bolts loosen off on some, sounds like big ends have gone.
    Apart from that, the motor is pretty unbreakable (unless your really trying )
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    I had a 1980 gs1000, the valve adjustment is easy and the special tool is cheep. The only other isue I had was the brakes, I grabbed the front brake and there wasen't any! you have to flush the brake fluid every year and then its ok. This happened twice to me, after I started flushing it out, it was never an issue again. The gs1000 weighed 600#, after a few rides it was never an issue, you get used to it and don't notice I guess. This was the best commuter bike I've ever had, very smooth and reliable, also very comfortable, my commute at that time was 3-4 hours each day.
    \'78CB750f,\'76 cb500t,\'5-CB/CL450 basketcases,\'68 CL175,\'66 CA77/in a CL72 frame,\'1971 DT1f,1988cbr1000f,1987cbr1000f

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