Let those who ride decide!!

Let those who ride decide!!

This is a discussion on Let those who ride decide!! within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I would never leave the drive way with out a helmet. But i dont like a helmet law!!! http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2010/...-wear-helmets/...

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    Let those who ride decide!!

    I would never leave the drive way with out a helmet. But i dont like a helmet law!!!


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    quote:Originally posted by champ

    I would never leave the drive way with out a helmet. But i dont like a helmet law!!!
    iphone generated fag

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    Typical Fox bullshit news reporting.

    Twenty states have helmet laws. Does it say anywhere in that report that they have lower per capita deaths due to helmet laws?

    Title of the piece is All Motorcycle Riders Should wear Helmets. But in the body they say that 450 deaths could be prevented if everyone wore a helmet. But 3000 deaths could be prevented if there were drunk driver checkpoints. So lets go after the big hitters first.

    And the people that read this crap and believe it, vote.


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    What an eye-opening issue. This really calls for some discussion.


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    there aren't enough thing to be ticketed for, so we get the equalivent of a federal seat belt requirement (ie as a state you make a seat belt law or you don't get money from the government).

    I am all in favor of what a lot of anti-helmet law people call discriminatory laws, ie you can ride without a helmet as long as you meet certain conditions.

    I think if you are over 18 it should be a choice, under 18 - not a choice (this is just consistent with laws that offer extra protections for minors but there are anti HL people that disagree with this - I call them retards).

    these are the states that currently require minors to wear helmets:
    Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

    However I also agree that if you choose to not wear a helmet you should be required to carry heath insurance. A lot of anti-HL people argue that this is a public burden law and the theory of public burden is a myth because there are no real studies to quantativley prove that there is an actual public burden. My take is that there are studies (lots of them) that show that wearing a helmet decreases the likelihood of serious injury in certain types of crashes and it is just for that reason alone you should be protected. But then again I think that if you operate a motorcycle without some kind of insurance you are less than smart. If you can't afford to pay an insurance premium, then you can't afford to pay for the damage you may cause.

    The states that have manditory ins for non helmeted riders are:
    Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas.

    I also think if you ride without a helmet you should be considered an organ donor but that is more of a personal thing, not a government thing - and I don't care what your mythological deity of choice tells you.
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    helmet law came in here in UK in 1973, so i dont know any different.
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    I like how the only reason other countries have lower fatality rates are Government backed ideas like speed cameras, mandatory helmets, etc. The tiered licencing based on experience system and MUCH better rider/driver education requirements have NOTHING to do with, nor does the general public's MUCH better respect for motorcyclists in Europe...

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    "mythological deity of choice"? Oh man of little faith.
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    This reminds me of the bs taught in history classes about the civil war being fought over slavery.

    Complete hoss manure. The reason was the Southern states became sick and tired enough of an ever growing and more oppressing central federal government that they were willing to remove itself from what was out of control then....

    and moreso now.

    In case you doubt the slavery thing, read the proclamation. It only abolished slavery in rebel states.

    Amazing how such facts are still overlooked in most education curriculum.

    Federal helmet law? What's next?

    Profiling checkpoints? Traffic stops of people not even driving? Hitler Jr?

    Oh, my bad, we're already there and far beyond.
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    quote:Typical Fox bullshit news reporting
    Hey Craig lest you get too high and mighty that was a AP story.
    http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories...MPLATE=DEFAULT Typical wingnut bullshit, right?
    In Illinois I've never had to wear a helmet from the day i got motorcycle license at age 16.
    But I can't get a concealed carry permit. What the Hell?

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