YIKES... mods vs. rockers (SECRET WEAPON)

YIKES... mods vs. rockers (SECRET WEAPON)

This is a discussion on YIKES... mods vs. rockers (SECRET WEAPON) within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; italians, firepower and vespas?!! MODphioso? BORN TO LURK, FORCED TO WORK....

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    YIKES... mods vs. rockers (SECRET WEAPON)

    italians, firepower and vespas?!!



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    I think I've seen that in a Dr Suess book. It shoots howling twitchers at star bellied sneetches, I think.

    Never thought I'd see a real photo of one.


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    Read something on that a while ago (years?) when I was still working on vespas in New Orleans.

    IIRC there was talk about a military vespa, and they built some design exercises to test different packagign ideas. Not sure if this is one or a fake built after. The ones I have all seen that were verified photos were all light green/tan and not dark. They also had a lot more ground bracing for the gun, and some had sidecars with mounted cannons. However all sources I have seen (and there are not very many) say this bike is one of the military prototypes.


    quote:Piaggio had begun very early on to extend its range into the light transport sector. In 1948, soon after the birth of the Vespa, production of the three-wheeler Ape van (the Italian for “bee”) derived from the scooter began, and the vehicle was an immediate success for its many possible uses. Numerous imaginative versions of the Vespa appeared, some from Piaggio itself, but mainly from enthusiasts - for example, the Vespa Sidecar, or the Vespa-Alpha of 1967, developed with Alpha-Wallis for Dick Smart, a screen secret agent, which could race on the road, fly, and even be used on or underwater. The French army had a few Vespa models built specially to carry arms and bazookas, and others that could be parachuted together with the troops. Even the Italian army asked Piaggio for a parachutable scooter.

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