CB550 project bike

CB550 project bike

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    CB550 project bike

    Well, I've finally bought a bike that I think I can caffeinate. A '78 CB550K partially dismantled. Paid almost nothing for it (Hurrah!) but am now faced with the problem of getting it to run and look halfway decent.

    The guy I bought it from said he rode it this summer, noticed a flat spot in the popwer band and so he took off the carbs to clean and adjust them. He then threw his back out and the bike sat for a few months. It's missing one intake manifold O ring and the nuts to hold the manifold onto the cylinder. I've ordered these from my local Honda dealer although I hate to spend money with him as he has the attitude that says "we don't care, you've got to get it from us." What a wanker!

    I'm thinking that the first thing to do is to put the carbs back on, get it running and then worry about cosmetics, tank, shocks, etc. If anyone has any thoughts on what or how to do this I'd appreciate hearing them.

    The engine has lots of nasty stuff on it, it may even have been black at one time. What's the best way to clean it up. I imagine there are several ways to clean engines (on Carpy's site he talks about sanding aluminum and then polishing it) and I'm wondering what the consensus is about how to get that sought after shine.


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    Stattz ,first check out http://www.omarsdtr.com/ look at Omars clubman links and caferacer links with the two he has you covered. then http://www.oldbikebarn.com/ These two places you will be in love with prices and available parts.to Cafeinate.

    Bead blast the engine is the only way to get it done once and for all clean.You can leave it in the frame and have it steam cleaned you can rent a steam power washer and it will do a great job .

    The only other way is meticulis cleaning by hand and compressed air lots of compressed are till you tire of cleaning and the paint it with high heat spray bombs if your not like me and have proper spray equipment Places like Bill Hearsh and The Eastwood company are good sources for doit your selfers and pros.

    And a work shop manual I like Haynes but you may have to suffer with a Clymer.But one or the other will keep you from guessing where things go and what that little piece in the box is for.And gives vital specs for tightening things down also buy so locktite and the use it when you think your finally assembling it for the last time .Be ware they have different grades from medium up to super strong .Things that may need to come aprt often my need the weakest and stuff you not want to vibrate apart use the medium .

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    parts n' more and Dennis Kirk can hook you up for parts for less.

    Sounds like a good plan, as far as gettin it to run and function as a motorcycle before tearing it down. I normally don't like dealing with the honda dealer, but carb parts are the one thing I usually insist you get oem from honda. All the aftermarket carb kits are basically junk and only good for the gaskets. Plus honda can sell you parts individually so if you only need one float needle that is all you have to buy. Take the rack apart, clean it (carb dip it if you can) and re assemble. Check the wiring and run the bike. The flat spot in the carbs was likely caused by the needle being two high or two low. you will have to play around with it to figure out which it is.

    Most of the time I clean engines with a little simple green (diluted) and water. make sure you go over all surcaes that need grease afterward as simple green will cause all the grease to run out. For paint I have had some success with 000 steel wool on aluminum. Doesn't scratch and rips the paint off.

    after that to cafe it, take everything off that isn't absolutley necessary, Get low bars, a seat, a tank, and two number plates for side covers and you are in business. Airtech sells a CR750 tank that fits other chassis (no sump) and you can get a fiberglass seat from a lot of places. Just suggestions, the rest is up to you.

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    wanna spare engine for it?


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    I don't know yet. I'm waiting on an O ring and some nuts. Then it might fire up and I'll know more.


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