50cc Racing Club

50cc Racing Club

This is a discussion on 50cc Racing Club within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; A bunch of us idiots in Temecula are starting a 50cc race club in the very near future here in Temecula. Were going to try ...

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    50cc Racing Club

    A bunch of us idiots in Temecula are starting a 50cc race club in the very near future here in Temecula. Were going to try to keep in on the streets, but track is cool as well, maybe empty Business parks...Anyhow,
    Some of us are into the little 49cc engines that you strap onto a bike but, I know there are some vintage choices out there such as the MB5 in which I will be sporting, so how about a list from some of you more knowledgeable fellows:

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    Lots of 50cc mopeds.

    I am putting together a mid 60's Honda C110. Ported/flowed head, Dellorto UA19s Carb, NOS Honda race cam and high compression piston, alloy rims and kind of sticky tires so far. To come lightened valve train, rearsets and megaphone exhaust. This is for race only, so no lights, battery or other street gear needed.

    I also have a 50cc Rieju, but it is punched out to 72ccs.

    You see the 50cc Benelli Fireballs/ Riverside 450ss, Harley Aermacchi M50s, and a few other 50cc bikes come up on ebay and craigslist now and then. Right after I bought the hop up stuff for my C110 a Fireball showed up in the area for just $400. I would have rather had that to work on since it has more get up out of the box than my Honda will all gussied up.

    Honda made a cool 50cc two stroke in the 80's, NR 50 or something like that--fully faired little racer.

    There is an annual 50cc ride down in Georgia or Alabama every year, but I can't recall the name of it. If you look at the web site all sorts of cool 50cc stuff.

    Also, I enjoy riding my Honda C100 50cc stepthru, 1965, and an early 80's Honda Spree scooter. They would go a lot faster if I was skinny.

    Many of the European Manufactures made really HOT little 50cc racers in the 50's and 60's. Kriedler, Minerilli, Ducati, and a host of other Italian names.

    That MB5 of yours is a good bike. Very fast for a 50cc. I had one I sold to Texy to get money for the Rieju. Corey on here sells a neat little 50cc motor.

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    If only you guys were here on the east coast...

    I love the small displacement bikes.

    They're getting harder and harder to find cheap these days. I remember even just a few years ago, having a whole slew of Benelli Fireballs, Riversides and 50cc Harley Aermacchi's to choose from on craigslist.

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