spark plug seller?

spark plug seller?

This is a discussion on spark plug seller? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; wheres the best place to get plugs online? And also is there anything that burns hotter than the ngk b 8es that come stock in ...

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    spark plug seller?

    wheres the best place to get plugs online? And also is there anything that burns hotter than the ngk b 8es that come stock in my bike? Thats what im running now
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    yea b7es, b6es

    BUT why would you ever want to run such a hot plug?????

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    Andy, putting in a hotter plug is only a good idea under some circumstances. You want the heat range that is the best compromise between hot enough (hot enough to burn off fouling deposits in the combustion chamber before they build up) and cool enough (cool enough to prevent excessive pre-ignition or detonation). If you slap a plug in there that is hotter than the manufacturer recommends, and your motor starts pinging and basically eating itself alive, that would be bad.

    Is your motor getting old? I have used hotter plugs to nurse along an old motor that is burning oil and coking up badly. It's only to tide me over until I have the motor rebuilt though.

    High performance riding (racing) can require colder plugs than stock. To prevent detonation.

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    I could not belive it but Advanced Auto had plugs in stock and $1.50 cheaper then any other place on line for my 02 GSXR. Order on line and picked up local next day.
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    what about using a higher octane gas (100LL) and a hotter plug? any performance to be gained?
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