Japan tradgedy..

Japan tradgedy..

This is a discussion on Japan tradgedy.. within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Earthquake in japan, ive never seen anything like it in my life, absolutely devastating, heartfelt sympathy to all affected by this tradgedy. theres a lot ...

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    Japan tradgedy..

    Earthquake in japan, ive never seen anything like it in my life, absolutely devastating, heartfelt sympathy to all affected by this tradgedy. theres a lot of jokes going round already about this which is absolutely diabolical, i hope all members of this board have the respect not to post the jokes.
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    That won't happen here Tony.

    Thoughts and prayers to Japan. It seems to get crazier there by the minute.
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    I agree Tony. Although this is not a positive, but if this happened in another country less prepared, the death toll could have been staggering... I say that with the utmost sympathy for those who lost their lives and belongings on Friday.

    The Japanese are a tough people and they will pull together and rebuild.

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    Deplorable. I utterly, and completely fail to see the humor.

    But by the grace of God, whoever might make light, isn't there.

    The destruction appears incomprehensible.

    Heartfelt prayers are with Japan and her people.

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    Anybody know or heard from b.mohler? he lived in Hiroshima and used to post here occasionally.

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    I know the USCRA has some close contacts in Japan. George DeCamp and his wife Kiyoko. And racer Hiroshi Murata, all of whom are great people.

    I can think of no people on earth better equipped mentally and technologically to recover from something like this. I think they will show the world how it should be done.


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    Thankfully Japan has some of the most stringent building codes. You can see what happens in other countries that have no codes. I'm sure recovery will be swift.
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