The end of riding?

The end of riding?

This is a discussion on The end of riding? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I had a very serious motorcycle crash on 4/30. Accelerated hard, hit big bump, violent tank slapper and ended up in the ditch. Damage is ...

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    The end of riding?

    I had a very serious motorcycle crash on 4/30. Accelerated hard, hit big bump, violent tank slapper and ended up in the ditch.

    Damage is compound fracture of lower right leg, broken left foot and ankle, 8 broke ribs with punctured lung and last but not least the right collarbone.

    4 surgeries later I'm laid up in bed until at least July. Long term prognosis is pretty good though.

    First question most people ask is whether I will ride again. I'm not sure how to answer that. Motorcycles and riding are a huge passion of mine. But I am seriously hurt as hell and I never want to go through this again.

    Other problem is how much stress this has put (is putting) on the wife. I never want her to go through this again either.

    I guess I'm looking for some people's experiences with situations like this.

    Thank you.

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    sorry to hear about your crash, man.

    get better soon.
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    I said I wasn't going to after mine.

    Mine was worse than yours by a wide margin (not bragging, just stating fact.)

    Here I am.

    Dumb? Probably. Also not married, though. How to buy a used bike How to build a cafe racer

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    Sorry to hear man, glad to hear you will recover!

    My wife already knows that I will ride no matter what. With proper gear you greatly increase your odds of making it through an accident. I can only imagine what your family is going through, but I know that I wouldn't be able to stay out of the saddle long.
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    I feel for you. I literally just got back on after my accident in 2004. I would get nervous even hearing bikes fly by on roads. Hands become sweaty, heart rate increases even flash backs of my accident. However learning about PTSD not only because of my accident but also the field I work in. I will give you the easiest and straight forward answer that was given to me. Either you can avoid it the rest
    Of your life or face the fear. If you decide to face it. Take graduated steps. For instance, get on a bike and see how you feel. Then try driving a
    Block. There are levels to accomplish to get you over any anxieties you may have. It may be beat for you to get on as fat as you can so the anxiety does not become overall life impacting too. If you want email me and I can help you out to my best ability. Also I am on my iPhone because on my computer it states my password is not correct which is weird cuz I never changed it. Any gramatical errors please over look

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    I got lucky: July 3rd, 2004 I flat backed it on the highway at 65mph. Broken right collarbone and foot. Wife watched the whole thing from her car behind me before totaling her Toyota on the guardrail.

    I tried to ride the bike home from the accident but the paramedics shoved me into an ambulance.

    After I had some time I really thought about the hobby and if I would return but I really thought there was nothing else I liked better at the time. Wife and I had a long talk about it (she was girlfriend then) and eventually she came around and was pillion again, but she still refuses to ride herself in NYC. I have noticed she is kind of shell shocked from the accident, she gets anxiety now when I drive sporting when she used to think 4 wheel drifts on off ramps were fun.

    Take some time, heal. Then force yourself to ride and see if you like it again. You are down for at least the rest of the season, so don't worry about whether you have to choose to ride again, but I will tell you this - if you are struggling with this then here is def a desire to ride that you can't hold back and will have to find another outlet for.
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    My son crashed on 2-4-10 (car turned left at an intersection, son tried to avoid but couldn't, hit behind passenger side rear wheel) and broke both legs, both arms, spine @ C4, pelvis, both heels, and six fingers. Also lost his spleen. Last time I talked to him, he said he'd consider riding again. I don't know how I feel about this from a parental standpoint, but I completely understand from a motorcyclist's standpoint. I crashed at a trackday and broke six ribs, punctured a lung along with other associated maladies, and I declined the ambulance ride so I could get back to the pits and assess the bike and see if it could be fixed for the next session. The inability to breathe made me re-think my situation once I got there.

    Moral of the story, if the fire burns hot enough you'll ride again, regardless of your current status and the impact it has on yourself and your loved ones.
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    Oh yah, I forgot to mention I was wearing gear. Full face helmet, armored jacket, gloves, and riding boots. I know that stuff saved me from greater injuries. Still not sure how I hurt my foot so bad in the boots though but they weren't a racing style boot.

    Thanks for the replies so far.

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    Life has risks. Riding motorcycles is one of the riskier things you can do. You are going to die one day. Do you want to spend your life on the side lines or are you willing to risk your neck to enjoy your hobby? Only you can answer that. But just like getting a tattoo, time heals all wounds and soon you'll forget just how much pain you're in right now. I love motorcycles but I hate all the traffic, congestion and general idiocy that surrounds where I happen to live. But even in the rural countryside you are not immune from others (or yourself!) Personally, I limit the amount of riding I do on the street and plan to get my jollies on the race track instead. On a race track I never have to worry about a truck turning left in front of me, I'm never more than a mile away from an ambulance and I'll be wearing superior personal protective equipment like full leathers, as opposed to the separate pants and jacket I wear on the street. Also, racing boots offer much better protection than street/touring boots but walking in them can be like wearing ski boots.

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    I dumped once.
    mostly road rash and a hurt shoulder but all and all not that bad.
    Ive always thought about how hurt I would need to be to nor ride any more....I just dont know
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