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    Punter is probably the UK equivalent to "player" or "playa"

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    i've had occaasion to sell stuff and i vet the buyer pretty heavily. i would have had old mate sling his hook as money or not, if i cared for something or it was something cool that didn't deserve to be mishandled by a substandard intelligence yob then the cash wasn't important.

    other side of the coin i've walked away with many a bargain as the seller gladly took less than the asking price or in one case, a sixth of a higher offer as he knew it was going to a good home.

    this isn't snobbery, it's basic respect for equipment. you wouldn't give a two year old a razor blade to play with, and for the same reason a guy with nought in the way of sensible lashing equipment and illumination issues shouldn't get a bike that could very well be trashed before it's even gotten home as i can't picture him showing it any more care once it's there.
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