You know you have a gear head family......

You know you have a gear head family......

This is a discussion on You know you have a gear head family...... within the General forums, part of the Forums category; .....when this is under your tree and you didn't even ask for it: What is it? It is a fairbanks Morris magneto modded to run ...

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    You know you have a gear head family......

    .....when this is under your tree and you didn't even ask for it:

    What is it? It is a fairbanks Morris magneto modded to run off the tach drive of a 1971 and later sportster. One of my father's friends from the airplane racing days had it in his basement and another friend of his who owns the oldest chopper shop in queens rebuilt it with a weighted advance (most racing ones are fixed).

    So, anybody get any good gearhead swag this year?
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    Nope. Got a great leather jacket from my baby's momma and a lot of kitchen utensils
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    I mentioned in passing about four months ago that I wouldn't mind a shot blaster unit, and low and behold there it was underneath the tree (yeah, big tree!) I'll have to mention before my birthday that I wouldn't mind a compressor, but that's not till June.

    No one does shot blasting around where I live, that's why I wanted one. Anyway, after the missus told a couple of people at work what she was getting me it turns out that I've already got two orders that I didn't know about to do various car parts. I only intended to use it for my own projects but at this rate I reckon it'll pay for itself and the compressor in no time.
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    Nope, but that's fine. I asked for trials center training videos, but don't really need gifts. I'm not 3 anymore. I'd rather get together and eat some good food, drink some good wine.

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    I got pair of Gasolina riding boots, they're fantastic.
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