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Am I out of line in my thought process?

This is a discussion on Am I out of line in my thought process? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I think the lawnmower tyre change on YouTube would be better for newbies' It shows the way to change a tyre with screwdrivers, hammers and ...

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    I think the lawnmower tyre change on YouTube would be better for newbies'
    It shows the way to change a tyre with screwdrivers, hammers and vice grips
    It does however, give a better explanation of WHY you do things instead of just watch this and do what I do.
    Explanation of 'drop center' isn't perfect, but, it's better than most
    (about 1min 45sec)

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    FWIW, I change my own bias-ply tires.

    Old one: Take the valve core out. Break the bead with a bench vise if you have to. Sharp utility knife through the sideway roughly where it meets the cap, both sides. Cap comes off, sidwalls are now flexible enough to take off by hand. It's not a tire anymore so it can go in a dumpster(or three) YRMV.

    New tire: lay it in the sun or near a heat source so it's plyable. Get it started on the rim. Hit the tire bead with a rubber mallet where you're working it over the rim lip. Many tires will pop on without ever touching the rim with a tire iron. Worst case you have to use irons for the last few inches.

    I take mine in and have them spin balanced. They say on narrow tires static balancing is fine. IDK

    Tried tire beads once. The tire thumped on decelleration.

    Actually if you want to take a minute and find the heavy spot on the wheel, the tire and offset accordingly you may not need weights. Hard core racer-type dudes do this.

    It's all in technique. My dad worked in tire stores when he was young. I, no shit watched him change a 38" tractor tire with the pliers he carries on his belt once.

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    The worst experience I had with customer service was when I was 18. I took my civic into a brand new shop to get the frame pulled straight and the wheel wells bondo'd.
    This 25 year old had just started the company and didn't have shit worth of business sense. He gave me a quote of $300-$500 for the combined work. When I dropped it off I told him that was great, and to call me if anything changed.

    He called me the next day saying it was ready for pickup. Long story short he handed me the invoice for $700.

    "It took longer to pull the frame than we thought."
    "You said you would call if it was more than your quote"
    "I didn't think it was a big deal"
    "It's over your quote by almost 50%!"
    "Tough shit, kid"

    I ended up beating him down to $600 because the bondo job was worthless. After that first interchange, he got a lot less confident and started making excuses.

    I tried hard to see things from his perspective. Maybe he sucked at giving estimates, or his overhead was unreasonably high. Maybe he thought I was a rich kid trying to trick out his Civic with daddy's money and wouldn't mind an extra charge.

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    Tires are a bitch to change. I still haven't learned to do it right
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    there is not much money in selling tyres. there is less in encouraging people to buy their own and then saying "sure, i stock tyres, have overheads, am gradually getting squeezed out of a job i probably don't like but can and need to perform and most won't touch, bring me your pittance."

    this doesn't take into account the sue happy, its someone elses fault mentality. its not that prevalent where i live.

    whether you know it or not, you've set a precedent in his mind. sure, you might have bought the harley tyre through him later. or just as quickly, gone online again. and the turning away is the result. loyalty is an amazing thing and fragile.

    independent? as per small non franchised/dealership shop?

    someone mentioned earlier approach the guy first and see whether he could obtain them. yes and no. asking can't hurt but he mightn't show much interest. but fronting up without asking has fucked you. it's likely you'd be paying a premium forever after on even tyres he sells you even were you to go back. us manual labour cunts have looooooong memories. what we don't know (that you will look around, made easier if you just leave him out of it complete. fit them yourself) won't hurt you. we're already essentially prostitutes. tell your wife that you couldn't get a service at a time convenient to her so you just dropped into the local strip club, and would she mind getting the cum stains out of your jeans for a quick hug?

    i buy online but don't then go to people who survive to provide a dwindling drying up service and let them relish being bypassed. you've bought a fucking steak, walked into mcdonalds with it and asked them to make you a cheeseburger. same substance right? wouldn't take you long. just fry it up for me and i'll give you an extra quarter ok?
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    Got to hand it to you Engel, you ozzies know how to tell it as it is.
    Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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    its tough trying to earn 'decent' money from repairing mototrcycles.
    'old hooligan...

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    What kind of profit is there in selling a tire like the one the O/P wanted balanced ?
    What is the typical fee for mounting and balancing that tire ?

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