New member in need of advice & parts.

New member in need of advice & parts.

This is a discussion on New member in need of advice & parts. within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Hello. I am new to this site. I have loved cafe bikes for years and I finally got a bike worthy of being turned into ...

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    New member in need of advice & parts.

    Hello. I am new to this site. I have loved cafe bikes for years and I finally got a bike worthy of being turned into a cafe racer. I just bought a Honda CB500 that some tard put some extended forks on. Does anyone know where I could get some stock length forks? Also I need the whole front brake master cylinder setup. There is no lever, no cylinder, no nuthin. Does anyone sell this as a complete set or will I need to figure out the individual parts and try to find them. I am new to motorcycles in general and specifically old Hondas so any help, links, advice, or anything else is greatly appreciated.

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    Just kidding. If no one on the board has any of this stuff, try ebay. You'll be able to find everything you need. Forks from a 500 or 550 will be the same. Brake master cylinders/levers can also be had from cb350, 360, 400, 450, 750. Pretty sure they're all the same. Also look for the master cylinder rebuild kit. Often a used MC will leak.

    Good luck

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    Hey looks like a nice score and very complete would make a nice cafe bike.
    Like JD said E-bay is your friend for stuff like this
    what did you give for that bike ?
    good luck with your project

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    Install some clip'on bars so you can slide the forks up in the trees about 12" a bonus you'll have two good places to hang a helmet.

    When you get a stock front end. Put a 1" spacer above the fork spring and change the fork oil to 20wt.... you'll be glad you did. Makes them behave so much nicer.

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    Thanks for the info. Im glad that I can use the forks off of a 500 or a 550 and the master cylinder from a 750. It seems like there are a lot more parts around for the cb750 so parts interchangability is a good thing. I paid 750.00 for the bike. It seems like a great deal to me.

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    yah, not too bad. its defnitely clean. and if the pipes are good, theyre worth it. i have a buddy looking for a tnak and seat if you come across one. a clean setup. your bike should be a looker when yer done. if you pull the pipes and want to sell em, and theyre not totally shot, drop me a note.


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    Nice bike. Save that 4-4 exhaust!

    Pity about those fork brace either, eeeegh. Bet that's fun in the corners.

    Check if ebay doesn't work out. I know they have the parts you need.

    Honda go sideways!

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