scooter crazy

scooter crazy

This is a discussion on scooter crazy within the General forums, part of the Forums category; anybody else here into scooters too. i just hit 75mph on my 68 vespa sprint. intense. i've never hit the ton but jesus christ...if you've ...

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Thread: scooter crazy

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    scooter crazy

    anybody else here into scooters too. i just hit 75mph on my 68 vespa sprint. intense. i've never hit the ton but jesus christ...if you've never done over 55mph on a 10" wheel then you know what i mean. anyway...take it easy.


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    no. but that's pretty cool!

    who had that scooter video a while back with a cycle engine in it?


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    Yeah man... I work for Vespa, as does cafateria-racer. I also collect and race scooters. Going fast on an old scooter can be hairy. My daily driver "ET4 190" will hit just over 75, it's a blast!! We just got the new GT250's in, as soon as it warms up I'm going to try and coax a ton out of one of them. TTY

    Cheers, A.D.

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    I don't think you can get the ton out of an old 2 stroke vespa, even a bored out p200 motor, the aero fo the bike is just not up to it. I have heard of race vespas getting close to 100 and there was that guy with the lambretta that did over 110 at bonneville. I've done 65 on a heavily worked p200 and aside from the amazing fact it carried my weight to that speed, it was a hairy ride. You want the ton, get a full size motorcycle, any of my DOHC hondas will cruise over 100 all day long.

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    I've been thinking about getting more out of my Stella 150 as I only have a Simonnini pipe so far and that limits me to 62mph on the flats. I figured out how to set up a stable 10" wheeled scoot. It's all in the tires, Pirelli SL26's to be exact. I still need to set up a real cafe racer to be comfortable on the major highways in New England where the traffic flows at 75mph most of the time.
    I had wondered about the Vespa GTS250 and the Lambretta based on the same engine. It looks like they cost MORE than a new SV650 and close to a Ducati Monster 800. I don't love the scooter scene that much.

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