Custom Café Question

Custom Café Question

This is a discussion on Custom Café Question within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I've built a ton of bikes with the standard 350/500/650/750/850 engines, but I want to try something different, and was wondering if anyone here has ...

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    Custom Café Question

    I've built a ton of bikes with the standard 350/500/650/750/850 engines, but I want to try something different, and was wondering if anyone here has done something similar to what I'm thinking of doing.

    I have an extra 78 CB750 frame laying in the garage, I also have both a CBR600RR, and GSXR600 engines. I'm thinking about making a Café with one of the two.

    Anyone else made something similar?

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    Why would you want to? It isn't like the cb750 was known for its outstanding frame, light weight or impeccable handling. I think you would just end up with an overweight styling exercise that would not be an improvement of anything and would be a waste of a decent motor. If you want to do something cool, then stick in a motor from something that has an even worse chassis or aftermarket, like an Iron head Sportster or something like that in it.

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    like he says he wants to try something different than the usual thing that everyone does.

    i say go for it pal.
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    Just build a custom vintage looking frame around the engine?

    Having built "tons" of bikes maybe its time to try your hand at framebuilding.
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    I have seen an fzr600 motor in a Kawasaki h1, and there s a guy that shows up to mid Ohio ever year with a zrx stuffed with a busa motor, so people are doing those types of engine swaps. The question you need to answer for yourself is why?

    If it is just because you have a pile of junk around and want to use that junk then why are you asking about it on the Internet? You know you aren't gong to get tacit approval from this group for less than well thought out plan, so if you re just going to do it then do it.

    However if there is a point to this kind of swap hopefully it is to make an older bike faster/better. To tht end using a middleweight 600 in a heavier chassis may not be the way to go. Liter bike? Sure. A 600 in a 500 chassis? Awesome. A 600 in a 500lbs 750 chassis? It doesn't even sound cool.
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