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Opinions are like assholes..

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    Just like decals and stripes.

    What's the formula again? One square inch of stickers = one extra hp?

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    Nope, you can use thinner oil with same protection so less power needed to pump it round engine
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    I run synthetic in my Ascot racebike. It works fine. I use the Rotella from Walmart in the gallon jugs. It is cheap.
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    +1 on Rotella. I use the synthetic in my personal bikes and dino in the training bikes. I change the oil when I feel like it, usually not very often.

    I can state that in all the years of riding and racing I've done, and over 100+ bikes owned, from bone stock to extremely modified, I have NEVER had an oil-related engine failure - and given the spectrum of oils I have used, from exotic synthetics to stuff I found at the convenience store, should have had some bearing (pun intended) on the health or function of lubricated parts if they were substandard oils. I never had any partiality to any brand or mix of oils. Rotella is cheap and plentiful, that's the only reason I use it.

    The only exception is Blendzall - I used to use that stuff in my race two-strokes because I liked how it smelled.
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    I love the smell of race oil in the morning. That smell,,,it smells like victory!
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    I was a firm beliver in Castrol GTX untill 3-4 years ago when the EPA mandated less zinc in oils swaped to the Syn Rotella (blue jug) from walymart or Tractor supply who ever has it on sale for most of my stuff. Old well abused bikes like my 52 Harley K model get Brad Penn oil.

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    +1 Rotella semi from the hydraulics shop up the road..
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