Cafe Racer Luggage - needed or wrong?

Cafe Racer Luggage - needed or wrong?

This is a discussion on Cafe Racer Luggage - needed or wrong? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Hi all. My uni project put me onto this forum and I think im going to stick around as I've just wasted half a day ...

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    Cafe Racer Luggage - needed or wrong?

    Hi all. My uni project put me onto this forum and I think im going to stick around as I've just wasted half a day looking at stuff instead of working...

    Anyway, the reason I was here was to ask if you could help me with my final year project by filling in a survery about accessories and luggage on cafe racers. My task is to design a luggage carrying 'thing' that blends and doesn't spoil the cafe racer look.

    My own bike is a Triumph Thruxton so that will be the mule but I need the thoughts of people who actually design, build and ride a whole range of cafe racers, AKA you fine people. Its only 17 easy questions, takes about 5-6 mins. It is totally anonymous too

    If you have any questions please ask, I will be around

    Thanks, Rob.

    (My Bike)

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    You need to adjust your form a little. Perhaps rewording question 12 a little will help.

    12. What made you choose the type of luggage system have you have fitted? *
    I haven’t fitted any (because it’s a fucking cafeRACER and the purpose of the bike is to remove anything that doesn’t make it go faster, stop or handle better. If I want to take a makeup kit with me I’d get a goldwing.)

    Yeah, that would improve it. Your survey is annoying

    Cool! ---RIP

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    i wish you could make the photo bigger. i'm having a hard time seeing anything with great detail.
    advocate for the injured, disabled, and urinated upon.

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    Tex cracks me up sometimes
    Cafe racers ain't for touring, they for playing racer
    Gave up on survey, you shouldn't try to force the answers you want, I spent some time studying psychology as well
    I dabble in rocket science, when I\'m not picking my nose
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    Didn't really know where on the page I was with that one.
    That's like, your opinion, man.

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    tank bags are nice. not these super mondo 3 story tank bags I see on adv beemers but something to hold a pair of gloves, the reggie, and a phone isn't a terrible thing to have.

    Now that most tanks are plastic it would be super awesome if you could design something that doesn't need the giant leather bra with magnets sewn in to hold a tiny bag.

    I have a pair of textile waterproof throw over saddlebags. Work great. no need for anything else. you want to make them look better that's your perogative but honestly if you are taking anything with you that doesn't fit in a back pack then you are on the wrong bike.
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    I have a pile of stuff that vaguely resembles a CBX in my garage right now, I would like bags on that.
    I had Tripple A chrome luggage rakes on the back of my 125 and 450. Used a bungee web/net thing on the back and they were super helpful for beer/Chinese runs.
    I am Derby\'s Bitch

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    There's no crying in baseball and no freaking luggage on a race bike, DUH

    I carry a gun because I'm too young to die, too old to take an ass whooping, and a cop is too heavy.

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    Unless we decide to suddenly start a class for Goldwings, two up, 8 hour endurance class.
    advocate for the injured, disabled, and urinated upon.

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    Grafing next to Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
    A Harro Elefantenboy on the tank and a kitbag behind the
    rider is the only appropriate luggage on a cafe racer.

    Best regards

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