I have a hot h1 dragbike that can keep up with a modern sport bike. Then again it is a two stroke, makes close to 90 hp and is close to the 300lbs mark. Oh and it also has a car tire slick on the back.

Seriously, an h2 in an h1 frame with some major lightening mods and a hotted up motor will keep up with newer sport bikes, it is all about getting the power to weight ratio the same. However, an h2 triple will pretty much be unrideable by any novice once you approach the 100hp mark. Also they are not cheap these days, a good condition h2 sells for more than a new r1. The h2 will not keep up with it on the twisties, the chassis is just too antiquated.

You wanna build a new bike basher here are my suggestions:

- Fzr4/6: The fzr400 was made from 1988 to 1990 in this country and is all aluminum. The fzr600 is the same bike but the frame and swinger are steel. the 400 weighs about 340lbs stock, and there have been examples of people getting them under 300lbs wet in street trim. An fzr600 motor is a direct bolt on (except for the airbox which needs to be modded) and will make 90hp with some basic tuning. A yzf600 motor makes over 100 but requires some machining to the case mounts, and an r6 will make 120hp and requires a custom motor spacer. 120 lbs, 300lbs, sounds wicked fast and tons of fun. If you are savy you can build one for around $2500.

- rd350/400 or T500 in a ninja 250 frame. The ninja 250 is small, light, and super confy to ride and handles probably the best of any bike in the kawasaki stable. It is also hella light and has a rear rim size on par with most 70's bikes. Take a two stroke parallel twin engine like and rd350/400 or t500 and put it in there. The bike no longer needs all the liquid cooling accesories and you can drop the weight of the bike into the 200lbs range with some creative weight reduction. Even the stock 40+ hp of a T500 or Rd motor will ahev no problem pushing this little road rocket to warp speed quickly. Keep the bodywork and you may even see 150mph. Another bike you can build for sub $3000.

- H1/H2 in an s3 frame. The s3 triple was by far the best handeling triple made, and stock they were just as fast as their big brother 500s. However that is largely due to the 500s heavy frame. Take the h1 motor and stick it in a lighter frame and you'll have a nice little vintage roadster. Stick an h2 motor in there and you'll have a bike that will leave skidmarks in your shorts everywhere you go. No engine parts are available for the s3 so finding a clean base with a blown motor will not be hard to find, finding an h1 engine is easy enough, but finding an h2 motor these days can be trickey.