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Blacking out chrome?

This is a discussion on Blacking out chrome? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by Joep7 lots of good advice mixed with some eye opening truth. The truth hurts, but, not as much as an ice pick ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joep7 View Post
    lots of good advice mixed with some eye opening truth.
    The truth hurts, but, not as much as an ice pick in the eye
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    Haha will do.

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    I believe in doing things the correct way. Unfortunately the correct way does not always fit your budget. I would take them to a quality commercial sand blasting outfit, may be hard to find one that actually knows how to blast properly, most don't, or at least my experience shows that. Fortunately the one I use really knows his shit and won't damage your parts. If your chrome is peeling, have it blasted off and then have the pipes Ceramic coated. It will withstand higher temps (2000*) than high temp header paint will and comes in flat, satin, or gloss black as well as a few other colors. The problem you may run into is a bike that is 30-40 years old may have had a lot of water sitting in the pipe rusting it away and when you go to blast off the hardest material on it (the chrome) you may blast holes right through the rusted put pipe.

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