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This is a discussion on am I crazy? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by Geeto67 What? The sportster was always American and right hand shift from day 1 (because the British were right hand shift). Some ...

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Thread: am I crazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
    What? The sportster was always American and right hand shift from day 1 (because the British were right hand shift). Some of the Italian HDs like the sprint shared parts like the seat and tank and fenders but that's it.
    Thank you for the correction. I was aware of the parts sharing and just figured the apple had to be near the tree. Right hand shift kinda cemented it in my mind...for the last 40 years or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguar View Post
    Didn't you tell me that these old HD made bad street bikes because they were slow as shit on the road?
    some comment of needing to be 80 years old and have a foot long beard to own/ride one.....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wouldn't reproduction parts have a massive effect on price?
    Go look at a 700 lb big twin that makes 56 hp and 72 Ft/lbs of torque and tell me that's a speed demon.

    Go to an HD rally and tell me who owns them, better yet go to sturgis and tell me you aren't in dirtbag hell. I don't remember anything about a zz-top beard, but I do make the joke of "how do you keep a harley owner from charging at you in a fight? kick out his cane".

    with HD's, almost every WL or WLA is going to have some repop parts on them. They were tough bikes but they lead the tough life that a vehicle being treated like toilet paper would. Plus the vibration tends to crack parts, esp stamped sheetmetal fenders. If the bike was an all original, unmolested, unrestored example it would be nearer to $20K. But every better than nice rider I have seen is right around $10K. besides have you ever seen a harley 10 years old or older that has never been fucked with?
    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
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    Years ago I'd change direction and walk away from dirtbag Harley riders. now I ask them if they have an opening to get my teeth cleaned.
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    It's the new Hipster Harley rider. They're known as RUBs, Rural Urban Bikers.

    I carry a gun because I'm too young to die, too old to take an ass whooping, and a cop is too heavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by o1marc View Post
    It's the new Hipster Harley rider. They're known as RUBs, Rural Urban Bikers.

    I'm pretty sure that's RICH urban bikers? Rural urban bikers makes no sense...
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