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    Every damn day....

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    All the good suff has been covered. Enjoy riding. My only additional tip is for the helmets, ECE (212 or sonething like that) rating is a real tested rating unlike dot. ECE is strict and only given to good helmets, its not as tough to pass (cost to manufacturer is big part) as snell.

    I wouldn't feel worried about wearing one with that rating yet those helmets are often cheaper. i crossed the continent wearing a cheap $120 helmet and the build quality is great. This was dual sport helmet so not apples to apples and a $500 Arai would have been lighter and quieter.

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    More about bars:

    Name:  4456d1385827906-new-member-00s0s_7wfmwphparc_600x450.jpg
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    superbike style:

    Don't mind the horrid cruiser Kuryakyn grips in the second pic. Just giving you a nice visual on what others have said.

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    As far as the Pod filters go, read this:

    As to the clubman's... it is as much to do with proper body position and ergos as anything. I have clubmans on my 79 GS550, and I like them, but I have been riding sport bikes for 25 years and used to race them. I am much more comfortable in a tuck, than in an upright postion. Clip-on bars are better than clubmans because they are more adjustable to fit you. And clip-ons or clubmans without rear set pegs put you in a position that is less than optimal for performance riding and control. Without rear sets clip-ons or clubmans scrunch you up in a crouch with your feet forward. You should be in a position that your feet and the opposite bar are in more of a direct line with your body. In other words, when you push on the inside bar to initiate a turn (yes, inside is called counter steering and it is how a bike is steered) your outside foot is in a line to form a reaction. So you push with your foot at the same time you push with your hand. It gives you a form of "power steering", in a sense, and you can use more of your body to control the bike than just your arms and lower back.

    The superbike bars that have been suggested are a good option because the increased leverage makes the whole leg/arm thing less necessary. Plus, if you are new to riding, a more upright seating position will be more comfortable in the long run.
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    Anyone know if you can get the kz650 duckbill tail to fit on a CSR? That rear end looks like something is missing; might be an incorrect seat, but those duckbill tails sure are sexy.

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    Is the rear wheel smaller then stock?
    fender looks odd
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    wrong seat? Attachment 4473
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    yeah someone put a regulat kz650 seat on the CSR.

    CSR has the 16" rear alloy rim.
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    Blue one has matching wheels, red ones are mismatch.

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    HJC FG17 is a great helmet for the price. I bought one earlier this year and the smoke and mirrored screens are finally available too.

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