Winter passtime

Winter passtime

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Thread: Winter passtime

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    Winter passtime

    During those days when it's too cold to bother trying to heat up the shop...or I just feel bummed out by the winter blues, I try to occupy my time doing something creative indoors. This year I was asked by an old friend to put a model together for him that he had procured for himself about 40 years ago. He is a collector of vintage motorcycles and has five or six Vincents in his stable...said he had found the model languishing in his attic and was getting too old and neither his eyesight or patience was up to assembling it. It's a die cast Series C Vincent Black Shadow, produced by Bailoy Products Ltd in England. This has got to be the worst model kit I have ever seen, but also perhaps the most detailed. Cast in something that resembles plumbers solder and is just as heavy, every single piece had to be cleaned down, sanded into shape and have almost all the holes drilled, particularly the wheel hubs, where all the 1mm spoke holes had to be drilled by hand and the wheels built in a special jig I devised to hold them while fitting the wire spokes.
    If the model had been something I was building for myself, I don't know if I would have finished it at all. I'll say one thing though, even though it sucked up all my other hobby time, it was an interesting challenge and sure kept me busy on those cold days.
    There is one thing left to do and that is to remove it from it's build stand and place it on it's permanent display stand...under glass. Hopefully while I am transferring the leaden beastie, it will not break apart under it's own weight.

    Anybody else do any model building over the 'wasted months'?

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    I just bought a Guillows 905 series (17" wingspan) P51 kit. I haven't built a balsa airplane in a long time but my daughter has taken an unusual liking to aviation (she watched pixar's Planes 3 times a week) and I really wanted something to hang in here room that wasn't the usual plastic model. I am not a warbird guy, I mean I appreciate them and all but I think the send the wrong message and having grown up in aviation myself, esp formula Vee air racing I am more of a golden age / air races guy. We went to the Crawford museum over the weekend and there was a racing P51 on display there called "Second Fiddle" that I am going to try and replicate so she doesn't have this killing machine hanging from the ceiling.

    I was shocked at how little selection there was these days in the balsa arena. When I was a kid you could still get leftover Sterling kits (I still have a few peanut scale boxes hanging around my folks place), plus guillows, cleveland model supply, etc....Now Dumas has cropped up and while their kits are amazing and excellent there just isn't the variety of 1930's planes that there used to be. It's Guillows and Dumas and small short kit producers that want an arm and a leg for questionable quality. I really wanted to build a 30" span Great Lakes 2T biplane since we live about an hour and a half from where the old Martin/Great Lakes factory was and they are just neat old looking biplanes. The only 2T kit I found was a lazer cut short kit that was nearly $100. I looked into buying an old Cleveland model supply kit online but they aren't far behind $100.

    At some point I might pony $75 up for this Piper Tripacer:
    Parkflyer Works

    but I need my chops back first. So depending on how the P51 turns out I might follow it up with a 30" Dumas Waco YMF-5 or and Alpha 4A.

    This is on top of the 2 long suffering guitar projects I have going at the moment, and rebuilding the doors in my jeep.
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    Think I may have posted this before but this is our winter hobby. It's wood/composite construction to include foam laminates, west system epoxy and carbon fiber in some structure. north sail 80 sq ft. Aluminum mast and boom. 42" side runners, 36" nose runner. I built it over one summer. As of this weekend we're sailing on West Grand Traverse Bay.

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    I know this is working on a bike. But. I'm building my housemates flattrack bike.

    He's been racing forever on a pretty bent frame that we just found out never had been raked in. Couple this with front forks there were incapable of holding oil, rear shocks that don't work and a 540cc TT motor that has been breathed on and puts cards down.

    He's either crashed or on the podium. Talented dude. Wait till the frame comes in on friday, I pull in the neck. We throw in FZR forks that will be set up, brace the frame, and some fully adjustable hagons built for dirt racing, that we'll put together ourselves. My buddy and I just became a Hagon dealer, so this is going to be fun.

    He's going to be shocked to feel a straight bike.

    That's like, your opinion, man.

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