Cross posting this from the WERA board. No financial interest in the company but Freddy is a good person to deal with and sells some good stuff. He mentioned he really needs to sell off some of the upper and lower fairings before the move if he can. This is all modern stuff although I'm stopping by at lunch today to grab a couple of RS125 tail sections as they look good on the NT650.

Yoyodyne Pre Moving Clearance sale

We will be moving into another warehouse, and would prefer to sell the bodywork that we have in stock, rather than crate it up, and cart it around again.

This also gives us the opportunity to get rid of some older, slow moving inventory.

In addition, I would be willing to trade parts for a new banner add that promotes the fact we are having a clearance sale on these parts.

If interested in any of this, call me at:
973 386 0040