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    Hello all,

    After about a year or two of being super interested in cafe bikes, the time was finally right and I was able to get my own project. This thing has been a great way to get all of the ideas I've had out of my head and onto a bike. Not to mention, a huge learning experience which has gone far beyond just building a motorcycle.

    I'm currently prepping the bike for paint, so in the meantime I'm looking at the part's I'll need to assemble it. The bike is a 75 CB550. One concern I'm having is the carbs. The bike ran great when I bought it, but with the addition of velocity stacks and a more open exhaust (currently two 2 into 1's, but moving on to 4 into 1 soon) I know I'll have to re-jet it. DSS has tons of jets, but I'm not too sure how much bigger I need to go. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Don't listen to what DSS says. The say they sell carbs that are already tuned. How is that possible without knowing every aspect of the bike they go on or the altitude or weather conditions it will be ridden in. I would buy 1-3 sizes larger than stock and try each one till you get it right. The first thing I would do is ditch the stacks. They make tuning more difficult and don't filter much crap out and will allow excessive wear on the motor. The stock air box and filters were designed to make the most power on that motor, why mess with what works.
    Go to the new member thread and introduce yourself properly and tell us more about yourself. Is that you on the bike in the avatar?

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