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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
    I am in the middle of it now and it's great, but I am an engine nerd. I also have a little bit of an edge is I have had access to some of the rarer mills and the people that work(ed) on them that most people won't have access too. Still, there is so much there and it is enjoyable. To be honest I should have finished it twice over already but I was already in the middle of a Bukowski book and Keasey's sometimes a great notion, plus I like to read each chapter (each engine is a chapter) in one sitting and getting that kind of time is hard these days.
    Great stories, or great info? I'm honestly at the point where I'd rather read some SAE papers than another overview of the Otto cycle.

    I'm usually reading several books at any given time. Right now it's "Six Frigates" and the Aubrey-Maturin series so I'm getting both views of the War of 1812, sort of. I've also decided to build a bad-ass cafe racer, sell it, and buy a frigate.
    Dictated but not read.

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    Mix of both. Discussion of the important bits that make it special but also the environment that led to its development. To be honest I like the stories better because I like seeing what drives innovation than what is actually innovative.
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    Thanks for the replys...
    Wanted to start some sort of thread that took into account a noobs need for good solid literature on motorbiking in general and possible higher technical literature a seasoned owner may also learn from or enjoy ..
    I personally was looking for more on how to improve riding, be it with how you react to situations while on the bike or what could be done to improve your bike according to what you are feeling its doing ( i.e. what to look for) .

    With that said, amazon was my friend in buying a pile of used books from library depository sell offs.. (you can get them a whole lot cheaper than new..)

    I picked authors that have been mentioned here on CR in other various threads.. These are books on sport bike performance and techniques on riding instruction ..Most are made up of the author's collected cycle magazine series...
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