which Bike?

which Bike?

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Thread: which Bike?

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    which Bike?

    Not going to jump right away but I do like the styles of both of these and the prices are good. Which do you think is a better value/proposition to buy enjoy for a few years and then sell?

    Reduced: 1984 Honda VT500FT Ascot

    1976 Honda CB200T - Classic

    I am good with auto mechanics and have tools and my GF's garage to keep it. Just looking for something to have a little fun with for a while

    Any advice?

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    Do you want to ride or tinker? Out of those two I'd pick the Ascot because it's titled and it runs (mostly). The CB sounds like a project.

    And if you're over 6' tall you're going to look like a monkey fucking a football on the CB.

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    The Ascot is the better bike. It runs (seafoam or just running with good gas may sort alot of its issues...draining the carbs wouldnt hurt either), has had tires this century form the looks of it, will take you around the world twice with basic maintenance, and looks decent. Cafe racer, it is not. But it won't try to kill you, it will be fun and comfortable to ride, and other than typical Hondaness of the era. Check the RR plug below the battery for corrosion as the vent tube is sometimes too short and battery fumes end up right on the connector, or the battery leaks onto it, corrosion here WILL result in fire and or smoke, also check the coolant tank for green coolant and no white smoke at startup or antifreeze or sweet smell from the exhaust.

    If everything checks out and the bike is as clean as it looks from the pics, buy it, ride it, repeat. You shouldn't have to do anything to it besides basic maintenance. Feed it tires, fuel and ride.

    The cb200, if its been in storage forever is a money pit. Tires, tubes, electrics will need a going over (possibly new points and condenser and coil, it seems coils go south often when they sit for years), carb work (unless you had an astute owner who drained both carbs and the tank before storage and swished some oil around in there), possibly rusty tank, chain, maybe the exhaust is corroded? and we havent even gotten to WHY it was put in storage to begin with. True it could have been an awesome running bike that the owner didnt have time for. But could it have been because #2 cylinder is low in compression? Timing chain slapping? Jumps out of second gear under load? Any number of things. The Ascot runs. The CB200 does not.
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    Get the Ascot. Ride it and enjoy it.
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