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This is a discussion on Content filler. within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I've decided to add some content, nothing really informative, but more what I've been up to. Pulled in Scott's new TT500 flattrack racer's neck. If ...

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Thread: Content filler.

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    Content filler.

    I've decided to add some content, nothing really informative, but more what I've been up to.

    Pulled in Scott's new TT500 flattrack racer's neck. If you don't know Scott, he's been racing locally in the NY area on his bent as shit XT500 for a few years. Besides being my old room mate and one of the originals I encountered when first moving to NYC, he's a royally awesome guy. So helping him build a decent bike now that I have some time is one of my priorities before the season.

    He had been racing a frame with a stock rake, no bueno on flattrack, a twisted swing arm (nearly and inch higher on one side when looking from the rear of the bike), frame twisted the other way (wheels out of line completely) and the swing arm had so much side to side play you could have just said fuck it and wacked in a spacer.

    He's getting a prepped frame, a radian swing arm, FZR front forks with racetech goodness (springs, emulators) and shocks all set up for his weight and application. He was hitting podiums consistently with a shit bike. Can't wait

    Restoring a DT1. This thing is going to be mint. Comes with an aftermarket torque expansion chamber.

    Waiting to make enough money to put this girl on the road. Needs the WP shock rebuilt and a spring for my weight. Front forks are getting springs and emulators for me. New disks, BT016's which they make sizes for (!!!) lil cowl, making an exhaust for her, sort the jetting, new clip ons, sort the valves etc. Going to ride the shit out of summer this year.

    Rebuilt the front cylinder on this SV650. Someone wailed on the exhaust studs with the exhaust twisted and mounted in the incorrect position. Head went to machine shop for new holes tapped and we sorted the rest. We are getting him to get rid of the GSXR rear wheel for an original. The 180 makes that thing handle like a FW drive car. Can't wait to see his face when he take a 160 through a corner once his suspension is sorted for him.

    Rebuilding an FZR600. Everything but the aesthtics is being done on this. Making a bear mountain sleeper. Suspension, engine, brakes, tires, everything.

    Pretending to ride my FZR. Shut up. That's why.

    Another starter clutch on another Duc. They are located in the flywheel, and after a certain time cranking hicomp twins, they blow up. Normal job. The clutch is pricey, but you know these things when picking up Italian machines from Bologna.

    Need money, need time. But soon. My Honda has some real history with me, but these last six months, I've never been so motivated to finish her.

    This is my friend Laurie. He helped modify my frame when I was slapping her together in Australia. He owned one of the best car fabrication shops in the country and was the bar to be set at. Last year he was killed and it was a big loss. I'm going to get this bike done this year and ride the shit out of it. Look up Chop Shop Australia if you ever want to see some of the most impressive shit from a dude who passed at 29. He built it from nothing and did the most hectic work I've ever laid eyes on.

    Rick getting his knee down.

    Max's BMW not only send you parts, but M&M's. That's good'n.

    The new R1. Don't care. Want. Want. This thing is epic and I will never ever be able to ride it 10/10ths, but it fucking rocks. Read up kids.

    "I just rebuilt my carbs and now it won't run."

    Usual thing.

    Brought her back from the dead. Everything was wrong but the charging system. First button starts up and she's golden.

    Sorting track only gixxer 1000. Coming back from paint soon, but it was crashed heavily last season and now runs and is ready for this one.

    Playing with our new ECU software. Now we can unlock ECU's and load our maps onto them. Night and day. Some bikes have restrictions we take off etc. Fun fun.

    Lost some skin not too too long ago.

    Probably why I don't sleep.

    Just some of the stuff recently.

    And remember.

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    That's like, your opinion, man.

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    Damn. I feel like a complete sloth for not finishing my Buell now.
    Buell X1
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    Can that 550 be the BOTM?
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    I am Derby\'s Bitch

    Some times things come around that are so singularly inept it gives you a whole new appreciation for the ept

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    Mate died today so to distract myself i hit the shed. Battery tray fitted, new carb bolted on, and aligned the mounting of the hinges so the bonnets shut for the first time since february.

    plus, may ease your homesickness.
    BFF of Ken, inheritor of same status with Tex, erstwhile defender of young Kerry, and general village idiot sans village. Glen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguar View Post
    Can that 550 be the BOTM?
    I'd vote for it but the red bull cans would need to stay on the tank at least

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