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This is a discussion on Bmw build within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Ahh thanks very much! And yeah I don't care about pissing purists off. I've never understood that.. like yes there are lines you shouldn't cross ...

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Thread: Bmw build

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    Ahh thanks very much! And yeah I don't care about pissing purists off. I've never understood that.. like yes there are lines you shouldn't cross and i understand wanting a perfectly oem machine, but that's just your opinion, man! Haha like I don't have the money to drop $700 a piece on the carbs when I can buy a pair of mikunis for $400 or less. Anyway, thanks for all the help guys! Keep it coming if you can

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    Not my opinion, man. I say do what works reliably and safely, and mikunis fit that just fine.
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    I was talking about purists opinions lol

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    I'm a purist and I like to modify.......done correctly. Nothing looks dumber than out of place items, not in time items and the my opinion. How is the bike? Complete POS? Together and all there in its original form? Already modified? Regards of condition......just get it up, running, stopping, starting, shifting, lighting, etc. Then ride, learn the machine then tinker.

    If money is at issue, then regardless of the purist thoughts just do what you can to make it safe and functional. has some stuff but there are others. Good luck in your endeavors.

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    Tyres, cables, rubbers,'re up for at least a grand just with that.

    Then there's all the other stuff to get it on the road.

    "There's nothing more expensive than a free bike". Sucks, I know, but it's often the truth.

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    It's actually in decent condition and I'm considering getting it up and running and polished up and selling to get something a little cheaper so I money to buy parts. Cause these bmws can be worth a bit.. but I have a feeling I won't wanna let her go once she's running

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    And thanks for the website!

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    And it's all original.. hasn't been touched since like 1982. But always been covered so not too much rust or anything.

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    I'm all for pissin' purists. But these bikes are the ones you build to have and ride for twenty years. The problem with Airhead purists, is they know their stuff.

    If your idea of a Café Racer /5 is a tiny seat, clip-ons and some kind on dolphin fairing, there are probably better platforms to start with. It won't be very fast, it won't be very functional and it won't be very pleasurable.

    Personally, I wouldn't polish or paint any old BMW parts. Unless they are rotten or rusted to the max. Patina please.

    You fit the longer swingarm and drive shaft, for better stability and handling. Like BMW did in later models.

    Nothing much wrong with fitting Mikunis and K&N's. Get some prejetted from a proven supplier, you ain't jetting them yourself jack. Don't buy Chinese junk Mikuni copies. Forget open velocity stacks, that's tripping.

    Get a good 75/5 manual before you lift a spanner.

    If the bike has sat that long, you need to take the heads off and take the valves out and check everything for rust and/or carbon. You really need to check the cylinder bores for rust or batshit.

    Photos please.


    Danger, is my business."

    P.S. : A graphic lesson on how not to modify an old Airhead. :

    Name:  Bx BMW IIIII jpeg.jpg
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    Don't worry about the long swingarm unless you can also get the longer rear subframe and seat to match it. The only big benefit was to give you a bigger battery that wouldn't be drained as quickly by the starter. Not as big a problem now with good battery's availible like the Westco
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