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Thread: Bmw build

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    Forget the swing arm. Get some carbs and get it running 1st. Then brakes and tires.
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    Does your bike have a perfect condition toaster tank, kinda like the one in this picture ?:I

    Witworth is asking you to post photos of your bike, that's funny :I
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    Lol i won't be able to post pictures until this weekend. The bike is at home in houston and I'm at school in college station.. I'm planning on doin some work this spring break. And your picture is broken but the tank is black and has a little dent in it

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    Also, just saying, y'all need to quit ASSUMING I want to put on clip ons and random visual things. I mainly want performance upgrades unless I find some visual upgrade that I love. Also, thanks for all of y'alls input. So I'm confused now, should I or should I not get the longer swing arm and shaft? How much would that cost? I have heard that these can be a little unstable because of the shorter wheel base so that may be something I wanna do soon.. maybe not one of my first upgrades, but like the second or something..?

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    There is nothing more expensive in motorcycling than a project Beemer.

    You're a broke college kid? good luck.
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    Don't listen to Whitworth.

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    its not unstable. I raced mine with both swingarms and it corners a little bit better with the short one. And again its not just the swingarm. The Bings arent bad. They are easily rebuilt and work well for what the bike was made for. The mikuni's work fine but even pre-jetted I needed to go up on the mains. Maybe you will, maybe not. The BMW "low" bar has about an inch or 2 of upturn, sort of like the "superbike" bend. Its really comfortable and you can use the passenger pegs on thee highway for a sort of rearset just to stretch out, you just cant reach the shifter from there.
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    Man I wish I could afford the bings.. I guess I could find some used bings and rebuild them.. but idk if I wanna risk buying used ones that aren't worth the rebuild when I can buy brand new mikunis..? I'm not sure. That's why I was asking and like Geeto67 said.. a project Beemer is costly and i need to save cost wherever I can without skimping. Really I just wanna get it up and running and safe and fun.. then once I'm out of college in about a year I might have some cash to add some upgrades. Shoot, once I have it up and going I might just get a job to get upgrades

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    Dude... I've been out of college for 20 years and I still don't have money.

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    Umm I'm not buying any of those things..? Lol just food and tutoring

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