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Favorite "New" bike & Favorite "Old" bike

This is a discussion on Favorite "New" bike & Favorite "Old" bike within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Originally Posted by Buckets what would you say the minimum rider height is that can comfortably ride a new GT? Do they have a low ...

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Thread: Favorite "New" bike & Favorite "Old" bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckets View Post
    what would you say the minimum rider height is that can comfortably ride a new GT? Do they have a low seat option?
    I have a 30ish" inseam and am comfortably on my feet when stopped. The reach to the bars is a bit rangy though and totally not adjustable.

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    NEW: CB500X. Frankly, I think it's uglier than a skinned iguana, but the local dealer talked me into riding one, and I was truly impressed. Light, nice balance between maneuverability and stability. Comfortable seat and ergonomics, relatively luxurious suspension for a price-point bike. Surprisingly good wind protection without buffeting my helmet. Optional ABS and panniers. At $6500 for the ABS version, it's a damn good value. I can ignore the looks now; this bike just plain works well, in nearly any environment.

    Name:  Honda-CB500X-2015_021.jpg
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    Honorable Mention: My Can-Am Spyder RS-S, but I'm aware that this requires a looser definition of "bike" than a lot of people here are comfortable with.

    OLD: Air-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder street bikes. I'm tempted to say Bultacos specifically, but really it's nearly all of 'em. I could try to explain, but Lane Campbell already did a pretty good job of it: "Bul Stories" by Lane Campbell.

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    Honorable mention: My old CB350F.

    WHY: A lot of bikes will make you grin the first time you ride them. A few will make you smile whenever you look at them, or for the first mile or two whenever you get on them. A few very special ones you never tire of; they keep you grinning no matter how long the ride is.
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    Actually I forgot the Ninja 650. It is fully modern without having limits so sky high no mere mortal can approach them. I also really like the look of the frame painted a contrasting color to the bike. If only that made one with a big round light up front I'd be all over it.
    Name:  2011_KAW_NINJA650R_SO_S1R_side.jpg
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    I like the first generation Yamaha FZ1 with the round tube frame as well. It just looks like I expect a motorcycle to look. Here are the wheels, here is where the fuel goes, here is the motor, here is the exhaust pipe...
    Name:  pjfz.jpg
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    Whitworth - The whole Western World economy runs on total lies and BS: I'm a part of the action.

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    Originally Posted by jaguar

    Meh, that would imply that we actually want a tone of new members.

    Do you guys not want new members?
    You guys gotta stop talking like this, my inner Beavis is losing his mind.
    "This site is bullshit."

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    If I was going to buy a new bike, the new fz-09 with a few simple mods looks nice. Price is right, too.
    Name:  89d1371619089-cafe-style-fz-09-photochopped-fz09_cafe.jpg
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    Anyone like the naked S1000R or S1000XR? outta my price range...

    My experience with older bikes is limited to a few only. My cb1100f doesn't run . I like the cb550 for the balance of handling and modest (barely) power. the kz1100 is too heavy for my tastes.

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    1) 80's CB750F Super Sport

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    My dad had an 82, rode it for a decade, never saw him scratch his head dealing with it. It's a simple bike, compared to today's modern crotch rockets, but with good bits it can be turned like this:

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Freddie's bike, to which I think is the only peg for a DOHC F racer build. A lot of members here posted about it as it should be, and really made sense.

    2) RC42

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    It's not really new, but Honda made it til 07 I think so what the heck. Practically the same bike but with modern parts. It's an homage to my favorite old bike hence the bias.

    3) So maybe my reason is familiarity, since I grew up with that bike. Also I'm an 80's superbike fan. Some say these bikes are boring, but I'm a simple guy who likes simple machines.

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    Modern: 2000 Triumph triple (Thunderbird / TB Sport / Legend)

    Classic: 1967 Triumph Bonneville

    Why: If you have to ask, you won't get it.

    Best of both worlds: My custom built Dreer Norton monoshock prototype

    Author, \"Old Bikes\"

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