So I'm talking with the customer with CB1100 toady about the KawaTon and he mentions he thinks he remembers Reg Pridmore having a Manx with an H1 in it. I tell him I'll have to try and search that out. Reg Pridmore is a name I have been familiar with forever. That's the problem, it was forever ago that Reg Pridmore was competitive (76,77,78 I believe). Reg is now 75 years old. He tried to put an H1 in the feathered frame fora race at Brands Hatch in 1969. Had issues with it in practice and withdrew from the race. I'm sure whatever issues he may have had could have been sorted by the 75 model H2 and his issues on the track may never be realized in a street bike (who am I kidding, like I wouldn't ride it like a race bike.)
It was also pointed out to me that the H2 motor has a through shifter shaft and can be set up to have the lever on either side.