wonky wheels

wonky wheels

This is a discussion on wonky wheels within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; just have to vent, I've been helping a customer put together some wheels made from kits he purchased from another company, he needed me to ...

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Thread: wonky wheels

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    wonky wheels

    just have to vent, I've been helping a customer put together some wheels made from kits he purchased from another company, he needed me to lace and true said rim kits, the front wheel went together okay, albeit with a weird spoke pattern, still across 4 but not like factory lacing I've seen. The rear rim and spokes were totally not a match, spokes were way too short and angles were drilled wrong. He spoke with the owner who said they were right and instead of using a cross 4, the pattern was different and had the spokes more vertical, I said to paraphrase, that's stupid, spokes should be tangential to the hub, not sticking out vertically, it keeps them in a pulling not flexing role, that way your wheel stays straight under braking and power. The owner reluctantly said he'd have a rim redrilled and new spokes made, but that all his bikes were that way and worked fine. couple months later I received the new rim and spokes, redrilled, but definitely not drilled from a blank rim, drilled from a pre punched rim so the holes were stupid loose and the aluminum must've been recycled pop cans because the counterbores looked like they were machined from bubblegum. long story short, I laced that rim up and the lengths and angles were proper. now on to truing. I began truing the rear rim and got it round to my wire gauge, which I use to get it roughly there before using an indicator, gave it a spin and this thing was the wonkiest piece of crap I've ever seen, nothing was smooth, I think the weld may have been the smoothest part. it really looked like someone threw it in a cement mixer with a bunch of hammers. at that point, I looked at the front rim, it too was the same, so I looked for a brand on the rim to research if anyone else is having this problem and know what? no brand... these rim kits are being sold showing sun rims on the sales page, even say sun rims on the sales page, clearly these are not sun rims, they're those cheapo chinese knockoffs made from god knows what by god knows who. what a waste, I feel bad for this guy, I'm probably going to give him his laced rims back at no charge and recommend he send them to that company to have them true them if they can, but what a joke, cashing in on an image at the expense of quality and safety for sure.

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    man that sucks...highly possible these are factory seconds and were deemed unacceptable to quality control, so didn't get a stamped a manifactures ID....

    These 'seconds' were then bought up and sold to someone else wanting to put cheap kit's together.. Its a hard enough job to do with with perfect stuff..
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    I think you should get paid for your time - you didn't purchase the 'kit'. If the customer is really a good customer then it is a throw of the dice to charge or not... I agree with tony - even with good stuff to work with lacing up a wheel can be a little tricky...
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    Little freebie on time can make for a life long customer.

    Shitty to advertise as Sun when they are not.

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