Buell racing back up and running?

Buell racing back up and running?

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    Buell racing back up and running?

    The Mighty Monza Jr. Thread: https://www.caferacer.net/forum/proje...r-project.html

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    How many chances is this guy going get? It has to be hard for them to get suppliers after all these failures.

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    And if they keep price tags of 18k plus, again they will fail. Sorry but given their history, the spotty availability of spares and propensity to go out of business, not a lot of folks will give it a go.

    And yes this IS coming from a tuber owner.
    Buell X1
    Honda S90 (box of parts)
    Honda CB750C (runs)
    The Others (mostly rolling wounded)

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    Happy to hear this.

    Being a 1125CR owner my biggest gripe is heat "Ever drive a fast hibachi grill at full heat" and low speed drive ability. Any speed under 60 mph feels like you are just slogging through a parking lot waiting to get to where you can make things work.
    On the plus side is power wheeling anytime you have a chance to open it up and have available traction. and the addictive nature of the bike lofting the rear wheel into the air anytime you choose to do so. Wheel spin does not wind up chassis, acceleration only feels dull when this happens. First few times I had the bike not wheelie under hard acceleration I thought my clutch was slipping than found I was just laying some nice blackies

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    That was hard to understand haha

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