Is this safe?

Is this safe?

This is a discussion on Is this safe? within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Is it just me or does this setup seem a little sketchy? Overall the bike looks cool and period but that has me scratching my ...

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Thread: Is this safe?

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    Is this safe?

    Is it just me or does this setup seem a little sketchy?

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    Overall the bike looks cool and period but that has me scratching my head. Looks like a front master. Seems like it was more work to engineer that than fitting a rear master. I've had ones not work because they were tilted with too little fluid.

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    That looks like a CB750 front master
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    Not well thought out

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    I believe I'd overlook it and put it on the list of things to fix on a used bike though.
    I like the overall execution of the machine, no doubt.
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    Of course its not safe. The zip-tie should be green...
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    Looking at the rear sets it's about as low key as you can get as far as fabrication. It would have been quite simple to cut a pie cut out of the shaft the M/C is bolted to and weld it back to make it more level.

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    How is the brake activated? I see connection between the pedal and master cylinder. I know next to nothing about juice brakes, but that setup just does not look like it would work at all.

    Also The use of a zip tie as a brake system parts makes the entire bike suspect.

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    Probably one of Ichiban's old bikes

    I guess the good news is you could easily replace the MC with a remote reservoir one off a newer bike and mount the reservoir upright.

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    The front brakes look even scarier to me, look at how the flexible brake lines are connected to the solid tube, that union is suppose to be secured so that the solid tubing isn't subjected to flex. Failure is imminent.

    The mounting brackets to lay down on the rear shocks are apparent on one of the other photos and they need some more zip ties to make them work too, but at least that might not kill you outright. s-l1600.jpg
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    Pretty obvious that the zip tie is not in any way associated with the brakes. MC pushrod must be hidden behind that mount. I have used that same mc at some pretty extreme angles, but always on the handle bars, never was a problem, but that is taking it too far. It would be simple enough to unbolt mc, hold it level, fill it, cap it, then bolt it back on but I feel like you can see brake fluid damaged paint on the swingarm.

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