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This is a discussion on DCT motorcycles - Discuss within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; Originally Posted by jaguar A 911 is just a GT car. Bottom rung Ferrari is defiantly not. your checkbook would disagree. A racing Miata with ...

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Thread: DCT motorcycles - Discuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguar View Post
    A 911 is just a GT car. Bottom rung Ferrari is defiantly not.
    your checkbook would disagree.

    A racing Miata with a DSG would not make sense, that is the point!
    To you because you don't race miatas. Was actually having the conversation a couple of weeks ago with a SCCA miata racer as to whether he could justify the cost of a sequential trans in his miata. He had a need, just couldn't justify the expense. And yes, someone makes a sequential racing trans for a miata.

    GT3 might be bought by dickhead, but the purpose is not to catter to hem.
    um...that is pretty much the majority of people Porsche caters to, not every orthodontist is a purist sports car enthusiast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
    you could say the same about any bottom rung ferrari. you'd be wrong but you could say it.

    again its application not price point. A racing miata the DSG makes sense, a GT3 whose sole existence is to go up and down PCH once a week - makes less sense.
    The sole existence of the GT3 is to go up the PCH to the racetrack and race in the Porsche Cup, Porsche did not design it for the street.

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    A 458 is in no way a GT car or close to the same class as a 911 C4
    The GT3 is engineered as a "race car for the road"

    Fuck marketing and who buys the shit.

    Are we supposed to think Jeep and Range Rover are designing hard core off road products with eyes of how they will look at the mall?
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