need some advice

need some advice

This is a discussion on need some advice within the General forums, part of the Forums category; I have a 2006 honda cg125. an i can't afford to buy a royal enfield, or a honda cb550 four, or anything. so im thinking ...

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    need some advice

    I have a 2006 honda cg125. an i can't afford to buy a royal enfield, or a honda cb550 four, or anything. so im thinking of going to town on my cg an cafe racering it up. abit. with it being the new cg the tank on it, is massive in comparison to the older models. an the exhaust is a beaut. so any ideas.

    i live in the uk an im not sure where to get a set of clubman handlebars from.

    any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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    That bike looks tiny. I don't think we get them here in the states. Anyway, before you go to low bars I would suggest you look around for a set of rearset pegs. That bike looks cramped for anybody over 5 feet tall and putting clubmans on it will just shrink it down to the point of being unrideable (unless you like your knees in your stomach). I'd also consider taking that seat to an upolstry shop and having it shaved so it looks less like a pillow.

    There is a UK magazine called streetfighters that will serve as good reference. I imagine you can't make your bike look vintage but I bet you can make it look tough as hell.

    If you don't want to move the pegs, a superbike bend bar or a drag bar will probably be about as low as you can comfortably go. If you are dead set on a racing crouch - I don't like clubmans and prefer clipons but it is your nickel - just make sure the clubmans fit with your new large tank. I think until you get rear set foot pegs, a superbike bend bar and some bar end mirrors will make the bike look tough (espically with one of those streetfighter headlights).

    Ok - it's time for the UK people to chime in.

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    Right. I agree with all that. Lose the big mirrors, tighten up the seat/tail section and do the rearsets and you'll be on your way. Some of the Japanese streetfighter sites have some cool ideas too. Depends on your creative/fabrication/cash budget...


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    ok, i'm going to look into some rearsets. although i think the footrests might be in the frame, so i think i'm stumped unless, i can somehow remove them an get some sort of kit or something. i'm going to have to look into it. also i think your right about the handlebars, i've been looking at some clip-ons and straights, can't decide yet.

    My old mans got a BSA C15 tucked away somewhere in parts i think i might have to get that out, an start the rebuild on it, only problem with it being, its an old british bike so, rear brakes on the left and gears on the right. :S

    thanks for the advice guys.

    0-60 whenever.

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    My first bike was an old Bonneville, so I had to learn to shift with wrong (left) foot when I got a newer bike. Don't let the left/right pedal thing on the BSA stop you. Put it together - you'll get the hang of riding it after a couple missd shifts.

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