Props to Swagger

Props to Swagger

This is a discussion on Props to Swagger within the General forums, part of the Forums category; Met Lee (Swagger) today, a really nice guy with some very cool projects. I brought my badly botched attempt at cutting the too-thick aluminum and ...

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    Props to Swagger

    Met Lee (Swagger) today, a really nice guy with some very cool projects. I brought my badly botched attempt at cutting the too-thick aluminum and he fixed me right up gratis, telling me "Merry Christmas"..machined off the one side and made the angled cuts I needed for clearance for the clip-ons. Pic #1 is another piece like the one I started with, and pic #2 is the bracket on the triple with the instrument bezel bolted to it. As usual I managed to botch things a bit by being perhaps 1/16" off in depth between the holes, but then this bike is my first and most ambitious attempt at this stuff and it's kind of fitting (bad pun?) I don't have it spot-on, as is the case with many of the stuff I've made, and subsequently redone, on this....sigh.

    He was kind enough to school me on the differences between billet and machine-finished cast aluminum. I wanted to anodize and then laser etch a design in the triple; I'd bought it used, assuming it was billet; however when I drilled and tapped the holes in the front face of it to mount the bracket to, I'd seen what appeared to be some porousity inside. He warned me that meant it was likely machine-finished cast and would not stand up to anodization, but could be powder coated safely. Thank you Lee for everything, I appreciate it very much...I owe ya!

    I will be taking some notes and started on the caliper bracket design this week, so I'll be in touch for a quote on that. Oh, and I know I know I don't have the triple clamp tight yet. I seemed to have misplaced one of the bolts....

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    Nice squadron of ME262s....


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    first jet fighter! very funny. i got a cool story from john wilson a few years back. he and his brothers all numbered their bikes by german fighter plane number designations. so the sidecar was 160. and they did 262 and 190. i thought it was pretty cool.

    ps, you could have made those cuts using a shop saw. they wouldnt have been as nice, and would have required filing to clean the edges up, but it would have worked. a mill is definitely the best way.


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    Glad to help! That's .250" 6061, a tablesaw probably could have dealt with it but the chance of losing a finger or worse if it grabs is not worth it.....imagine if it kicked back at 200mph! Ack!

    Looks great, now I understand what you had in mind for it, good stuff!!

    Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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