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This is a discussion on Looks Familiar within the General forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I raced the 5 mile course in '85 on a street legal Honda 1000 Interceptor. The salt was wet and I fishtailed up to about ...

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Thread: Looks Familiar

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    I raced the 5 mile course in '85 on a street legal Honda 1000 Interceptor. The salt was wet and I fishtailed up to about 85 mph when the rear tire finally hooked up. I tucked in real tight to get as small as I could and banged each gear at redline. As I eclipsed the 5 mile marker near redline in 5th gear I looked at the speedo and it said 170! I was pretty fucking glad this run was over as the salt was slippery as hell (wet) and the wind buffeting and tires moving around a bit was crazy scary. I had another 2 runs to do too. My best time was an official 148.546 MPH. My speedo was about 14% off. Most people go a lot slower than what they think they can. Many 1000cc Harley Sportsters can't even get to 90 MPH, some not even 80!

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    ^^^^ That's probably the truest post on here in a long time. Joe has been crewing for me for years. Last year he brought his Ducati to the salt. Before that he brought it to the May El Mirage meet. Alp Sungertekin rode it. After a run Alp said the speedo read 182 but the timing slip said 168. I think a combination of speedo optimism and wheel slippage caused the difference. Ivan rode it at Bonneville. He did his rookie run at 133. And on the short course he ran 148 which he said was the scariest ride of his life. Just as you described, wet salt and he added in ruts from the cars had him all over the place. So much so he declined to run it again. A lot of riders said the salt was crap and scary. I got sick as a dog on the Sat. and didn't run. A case of I'll be fine on Monday. Nope. Tuesday. Nope, Wednesday Nope. Thursday. Screw this I'm heading home.
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